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Paano mo malalaman if bottom na or if malapit na magbottom ang market after a crash?

I invite you all to answer. Thank you.

Comment your answers to this blog post. 

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  • Racel

    From a general perspective: pag meron ng definitive announcement from world health authorities that a vaccine is ready to combat the coronovirus. Health issue ito with widespread impact regardless of industry, so once the pandemic is controlled, most likely tapos na magbottom ang market.

    From a TA perspective: pag nasustain ang BOPIS setup at tuloy-tuloy ang MAMA for most index stocks, and bumalik na rin foreign funds na pinull-out from the start of the outbreak hehe.

  • Simon

    There’s no way that a normal human being can predict the bottom of the market accurately. Not even the most professional investor can do that. If you hear somebody says “bottom at 4000”, he’s most likely trying his luck or he probably did have a good reason to believe that. Either way he can’t be 100% right, anything can happen.
    But you can increase your probability of being right by looking at the price action and well, using indicators such as MA, MACD, ALMA, RSI etc. Now these indicators and price action would only serve as guides in executing your strategy.

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