ABS, GMA7 and Your Greed


ABS Cease and desist order

The government’s telecommunications commission issued ABS-CBN Corp. a cease-and-desist order one day after the media giant’s broadcast franchise, which is granted by Congress, expired.


Before I proceed let me share with you some of the reactions some people/celebrities had regarding this issue.

ABS Cease and desist order
ABS Cease and desist order
ABS Cease and desist order
ABS Cease and desist order
ABS Cease and desist order

I find the comments/reactions funny and sad at the same time. I wished most of them took time to understand our laws about franchises/licenses before they make a comment on the issue.

Let’s proceed.

The government’s telecommunications commission issued ABS-CBN Corp. a cease-and-desist order one day after the media giant’s broadcast franchise, which is granted by Congress, expired.

The news was delivered after trading hours so kanya knyang form ng opinion ang traders. Let me walk you through some of our interaction in our newly launched Trader’s Lounge Forum


ABS Cease and desist order
traders lounge ph forum

This is where our forum becomes useful kasi traders with more experienced can guide or advise newbies on how to approach certain scenarios. I, for one, made some comments as well.

traders lounge ph forum
traders lounge ph forum
traders lounge ph forum

You will often find me there sa forum guiding traders about trading.


Ok, at that time we know na ABS will be affected hard by the news. We also know na maraming traders want a piece of the action so instead pagsabihan sila na “uyy wag ka jan delikado” minabuti na lang namin na bigyan sila ng payo and make them understand the situation.

Greed ang only reason nagugustuhin mo makisali sa ABS trade. Wala ng ibang dahilan but greed. The thought of you trying to earn a quick buck.


“Bagsak si ABS nito bukas malamang aangat si GMA7”

If iniisip mo na ikaw lang nakafigure out niyan naku you are dead wrong! Lahat halos ganyan din asa isip.


Sa umaga nag announce na nagkaroon Trading Suspension ang ABS at ABSP

traders lounge ph forum

Trading Suspension will be lifted one day after.

traders lounge ph forum

Yung plan so trade it using fishball canceled since suspended.


Pag open ng market nag ceiling agas ang GMA7.

I feel sorry sa mga traders na bumili at ceiling price which is 7.15 pesos.


What were they thinking? Zero reward with a lot of risk ang pagbili sa ceiling price at open. Look here:

GMA7 Chart

If bumili ka sa 7.15 which is the ceiling price wala kang reward that day unless next day umangat ulit. All you have were risks.

You risk losing 50% plus tax/fees if bumalik ang price sa closing price kahapon at risk of losing 80%plus tax/fees if nag floor price siya which is -30% ng closing price kahapon.


GMA7 Buyers and Sellers
traders lounge ph forum

Yan yung mga bumili sa tuktok. They had more than 17% loss if naghold sila until now.



Here are our conversation sa forum during the day.

traders lounge ph forum
traders lounge ph forum


I did trade GMA7 but let me walk you through some important process. For video reference here is how traded this GMA7.

I was preparing to trade ABS the night before. I plan to let the selloff subside then make an entry using fishball. New event took place sa umaga kasi nagka trading suspension si ABS.

GMA7 caught my attention since nag open siya at ceiling price. I had been day trading for a while so I have some set-ups ready. I wanted to trade GMA7. I also know na its me being greedy is yung only reason bakit ko gusto eh trade si GMA7. Meaning lahat ng decision ko compromised na ng greed.



I had my buying power or my available buying power. Since alam ko na driven by greed itong trade na to I reduced my buying power to 20%. Meaning 80% ng intended ko na pera pang day trade hindi ko ginamit. In that case masunog man ako hindi siya masakit.

If nabasa ninyo blog ko or napanood ang video about day trading I always tell you na use 10% lang ng port ninyo if gusto ninyo mag day trade. I do believe that. So yung 10% na intended ko for day trade ay nireduced ko. I used 20% of that 10% para kung yung greed ko ay maging source na masunog ako, hindi masakit.

“Ma’am bakit mo ginawa yun?”

Hehe. Experience. Di ko na mabilang sunog na naranasan ko sa greedy trades.

I reduced my size. If magkalose man tolerable na. Hindi ako mafrefreeze if mahit exits ko.

I looked at the chart as the trade went on. Default day trade set up ko is Alma at 15 min time frame.

traders lounge ph forum
GMA7 Stock

I did not like what I saw. Masyadong mabilis ang execution ng trades compared sa timeframe kaya I reduced.

Ginawa ko na 5 minutes.

GMA7 Stock

Mabilis pa rin masyado. I reduced. Ginawa ko 3 min time frame.

GMA7 Stock

Ok na sa 3 min time frame but nag reduce pa ak sa 1 minute time frame. It was just based sa observation ko sa galaw ng candles that time.

GMA7 Stock

When ALMA that acted as resistance was broken I hit buy. Lipat sa sell order at abang sa chart. When ALMA as support got broken I hit sell.

Get in, get out. Punta withdrawal form at withdraw gains.

I created a forum to help traders especially sa mga important actual trades.

traders lounge ph forum

If TL FAMILY ko kayo at wala pa kayo sa loob ng forum natin I’m inviting you to come. It will be your edge compared sa ibang traders. I do trade for a living. Makikita ninyo ako parati na nagdidiscuss ng trades ko doon as it happens. I’m not an analyst, I’m a trader so habang nagtitrade ako usap usap tayo doon. I will give you inputs, advice at guide.

Join me sa TL Ph Forum

If hindi ka naman TL Family I’m not inviting you to be there. You shouldn’t even be reading my blog post hehe.

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