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Advice to Traders with Jobs

February 13, 2019

Two things.

The first one is kapag may trabaho ka you can use MAMA or ALMA or kung ano pa man na strategy meron ka but please use DAY na timeframe. Stay away sa lower than that na timeframe. It does not mean you are not that good of a trader it only means na you play the timeframe na in favor sayo ang odds.

The second thing is the main thing I want to advice you. I want you to read this carefully and understand kasi hindi lahat sasabihin sa inyo kung anu talaga yung totoo. I will be blunt.

When you are a technical trader or you use TA to trade stocks COMPOUNDING is a moron’s strategy. I will explain.

Compounding is yung kunyare capital mo is 100k kumita ka ng 10% that would make your money 110k. E trade mo ulit kumita 5% so 115500 pesos na pera mo. So on and so forth until maging billionaire ka.

Sa real fundamentalist compounding works as we have Warren Buffet as a great example. Now balik tayo sa mga gumagamit ng TA sa pag trade.The chances of a technical trader to keep compounding his/her money to riches is next to zero. You will encounter losses along the way and it will eat up your profits if you keep re investing your money back to your trading account.

Here is what you should do. I won’t sugarcoat anything. I will say it as it is. So may 100k ka as capital kunyare. You have a job at every month nagdadagdag ka sa trading account mo 10k from your salary. If you want to make it as a trader eto dapat ginagawa mo.

You trade out of that 100k. Whatever kita mo doon ke 10k or 5k or 3k you need to withdraw it at ilagay sa separate account. Either sa savings account, sa pang longterm trading account or sa alkansya mo. Kung saan mo man gusto ilagay is up to you.

Then pagdating ng sahod lagyan mo 10k yung capital mo mula sa sahod mo so 110k na total capital mo. Whatever profit mo doon e withdraw mo ulit at ilagay sa ibang account or alkansya. Do this everytime you profit.

This will make you earn more yet lose less. You can even do the math. Let’s say same lang ang percentage ng profit at loss mo pero palitan Profit ka 10% sa 100k that would make your money 110k. Loss ka 10% sa 110k that will make your money 109k wala pa sa usapan yung fees.

This is not a theory. It is being used way before pa ako nagtrade. It’s not that popular lang kasi most mentors nowadays are selling you “the dream.”

Does this make sense?

Well, at first baka hindi but you will see the value of this advice as you experience more sa trading.

Now doon naman sa mga nagsasabi na they turned 50k into 1 Million. Aside sa its a funny statement it is also crap. They tell you that story to inspire you but its far from the truth. Most ng nagkukwento ng mga How i made this in stock market or how I turn this 100k into 3 Million are probably still doing those paid seminars and mentoring to earn money sa side. These people will never show their ledger or they will get mad at you if you ask for proof (ledger) para e back up ang claims nila. I will show you few of my trades last year. This was from July to Aug. I will not bullshit you. Here are my trading ledgers. I do make a normal living (decent earnings po not yung nag uumapaw na pera…enough to eat three times a day each month and maybe go to a movie or a pizza place sa weekend) out of my trades.I can put out an example from last year’s trading. Here is 15 consecutive trades sa dalawang buwan. 14 wins with 1 loss. I will put out my ledgers again kapag focused na ako sa trades kasi as of now kinakain ng new house din ang time ko.

I want you all to earn. I want you all to learn. I’m not doing all of these for money. Someone did it to me a long time ago. I’m repaying that person by helping others and i know you will help others too kapag ok na trades ninyo.

Thank you for being a member of Trader’s Lounge. May you interact more. Ask and answer questions more. Share knowledge and experiences for others to learn more.

trade ledger
trade ledger
trade ledger
trade ledger


  • Arthur

    Hello po. I am new here. Also new to stock trading. My question is, why add more to your capital from salary when you get your profit out? Isn’t the same? Your enlightenment would be highly appreciated. More power and God bless you always po.

  • Jerrol Leosala

    Good evening po. Ask ko lng po ang pagti-trade full-time pwede na makabuhay ng pamilya pangreplace sa job?

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