ano ang awesome oscillator
Technical Indicators


Yes, I am.

You are awesome too but I’m not talking about me or you I’m talking about Awesome Oscillator.

I’m not kidding. I DID NOT JUST MADE THIS UP! There is an indicator called Awesome Oscillator.

It was first introduced by Bill Williams. It measures measure market momentum. Basically, the indicator is a moving average crossover.  A 34-period simple moving average is subtracted from a 5-period simple moving average. Both lines are built across the bars’ midpoints instead of closing or opening prices.

Apat yung gamit nito.

  1. Zero Line Crossover
  2. Twin Peaks Patterns
  3. Saucers
  4. Divergence

I will only tell you about Zero Line Crossover since yan lang ang ginagamit ko sa AO. The rest you can search naman sa internet.

In zero line crossover, dalawang bagay ang dapat tandaan.

  1. Crossing from negative to positive is a bullish signal
  2. Crossing from positive to negative is a bearish signal

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