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Best Kept Secret

Have You Ever?

Have you ever used TD strategies ( Mama, Fishball, Tita, etc.) and wonder why others are earning a lot from it while you have an inconsistent result?

Let Me Tell You Why

I realized this when GUT started making essays about Cardinal Rules and their approach to trading.

One of the biggest reason a newbie or even a vet that starts using TD strategies and fail is that they do not have the psychological discipline needed for each strategy.

You see, every strategy has a different approach. You can’t approach fishball the same way you approach MAMA. Maiipit ka nun. You cannot approach Calma the same way you approach MAMA kasi maiinip ka lang at magiging uneasy. By approach, I do not mean the setup. I meant mental approach.


What if may tailor-made psychological approach sa bawat strategy in a form of a checklist? That would improve your trades dramatically right? Well, I told you I’m giving my all sa books. Kaya yung mga mental tricks at mga dapat na approach mo sa bawat TD Strategy ay nasa Maduming Merkado. (Click the image to go know more about Maduming merkado.)

Think About This

Kunin natin halimbawa si MAMA. Most alam yung set up diba? Alma break ng support plus macd bullish cross means entry. Alma break ng resistance means exit. Simple. But….

It is a big but.

What would you do before you enter MAMA? What preparations should you have mentally? What would you do if nabreak ang resistance na alma pero di pa tapos ang candle? What will make you decide to sell or to wait for confirmation? What will you do after a Mama trade? Bakit manual ang pagfilter sa MAMA set up? Bakit manual mula 2go to zhi na mas madali nga if may screener? Ano kinaiba ng approach sa one day bago cross ng MACD sa one day after cross ng MACD?

Knowing the setup is one thing. Anybody can know that. The psychological approach is a different story. Only those who have Maduming Merkado will know it.

It took a while bago nalearn ng GUT ayusin trades nila. It was a fun experience kasi me iba sa kanila nasanay sa patterns so let’s say Mama set up gamit niya but then kita niya me bearish engulfing pattern or me shooting star. Nag iiba decision making niya. Yun ang isa sa mental hurdle na nahirapan tumawid ang iba sa kanila.

I turned them from a trader na panay asa sa hype at reco into someone na kahit sino pa magsabi na bumili or kahit ilang libong percent pa pakita mo na gain they would simply ignore you.


I remember nag IPO yung Merrymart last 2020 and naka ilang ceiling ito. None of them feel bad. None of them felt like they missed out. They just continue doing what they do. THAT LEVEL WAS REALLY HARD TO ACHIEVE. Kaya sa Maduming Merkado yan ang goal ko. To turn you into someone na di gaanong affected emotionally. Yung emotion kasi yung sumisira sa trades mo.


We traded pha noon. Average namin with GUT was 0.25 yata or lower. We exited it with great gains but as you all know umangat sa 2 pesos plus si pha. Mga GUT well-trained yan sila to handle emotions. Meron isang GUT na yung hubby niya parang nanghihinayang. Lagi niya nireremind yung GUT student ko na wife niya about PHA na namis yung almost 1,000 percent na gain. Smile smile lang yung GUT student ko kasi alam niya na that was looking things sa hindsight.

Meaning yung nakikita mo lang was yung missed opportunity. Ganyan mag isip brain natin. One thing na babasagin ng Maduming Merkado. Ang nakikita mo lang was yung missed opportunity. Di mo nakikita yung mga namiss mo na instances kung saan you have lost by almost 90 percent if di ka nakaalis. Katulad ng CHP holders. Me mga bumili sa 10 pesos na nagbenta agad. Limot na nila yun. Di na nagmamatter. Despite the fact na naiwasan nila almost 80-90 percent loss.

Di lang sa trading yan even sa buhay. Naaalapa mo pa ba nung muntik ka na masagasaan sa daan?Yung muntik ka na makagat ng aso?Yung muntik ka na malunod?Yung muntik ka na pakamatay dahil sa break up?Yung muntik ka na mabugbog ng kalaban mo?

Pero I bet naaalala mo yung DITO. Hahaha. Sana bumili ka sa piso noh?Naaalala mo yung Acen which was Phen noon. Naaalala mo yung muntik ka na tumama sa lotto.

Life Changing

I guarantee you na my books will change your trading. I will make you lose less. I will provide you with enough tools for you to succeed. Come take my hand. Let me help you para magrely ka na lang sa self mo instead sa reco. No one will be more concerned about your money but you.

Click the books to go to the reservation link.


  • Jacquelyn Custodio

    I go through each and every weekly lesson on the TD group, and im almost done.

    I learned alot. Now waiting for my book to arrive.

    I want to hug you maam GK. Thank you ❤

  • Jacquelyn Custodio

    Thank you so much… Just by reading your blogs maam GK, i think im already nearing to unlearn the bad trading habits i have and had. Now im more relaxed with my trades and dont give a damn. Yes i had losses. Big losses. But now im not into revenge trade and stopped losing more. Thank you.

    But your blogs keep me craving for more learning and be profitable on my next trades. For now, im waiting for my books (4+1) to arrive. Im thankful my sister invited me to this group.

    Thank you maam. Gk. And even if im not part og GK. I will do the same assignments.

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