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Dark Secret About Learning sa Stock Trading

January 18, 2020

“Mas napapadali ng seminar ang learning curve mo sa trading”

I will walk you through the truth. Sit tight. Have an open mind as you read this

The learning curve is a graphical representation ng learning ng tao. The more you do it, the more likely ma overcome mo yung curve. Skill is acquired by experience. A learning curve is a process where people develop a skill by learning from their mistakes.

If you attend seminars it does not speed up ur learning curve. They just tell you that to get ur money. Seminars add knowledge sayo but do not speed up ur learning curve.

It’s like being in school. The better u memorize things the better ur test results become. The better test results you have the “smarter” you are. Mas mataas grades makukuha mo at the same time mas mataas rank mo sa honor roll.
Trading is not like that. Sa trading kahit pa kabisado mo formula ng rsi or alam mo lahat about rsi it wont mean u will do good sa trades. When you attend seminars knowledge ang dinadagdag nila sayo. I don’t like paid seminars. I hate it. I always say that but I never explained why. Today I feel like you are ready to know the truth. I hate paid seminars kasi instead eh bridge nila gap sa informed at uninformed they try to make money out of trader’s ignorance. Listen to what im saying kasi this is important and if you listen close enough a lightbulb will light up in ur head. Lets take for example moving average. Moving average was out in the world a long time ago. Hindi pinoy naka imbento nyan. Not investagrams. Not me. Not ur mentor. Same with fibo. Same with darvas. These ideas/knowledge dont belong to those who sell them sa paid seminars. Its been out there for free. They saw it. They learn it for free and then they will let you pay for it just because you’re ignorant of its existence

When I made tabula rasa. I made that course to add knowledge and as well help traders sa learning curve. You start with Tyro which is like learning ABC’s. Lahat pure knowledge. Then you do transitional which is like after m learn ABC eh mg aaral ka na mag sunod sunod ng letters to form words. Last is top-notch wherein para kang ng aaral na magsulat.

Transitional at Top-notch help sa learning curve dahil its an experienced-based learning. Sa trading wala ng ibang hihigit pa sa experienced-based na learning. Yan pinagkaiba neto sa school. Yung bilis mo sa pg move up is strictly based sa bilis ng progress mo. If you hit 15% sa vport fast eh di fast ka mg top-notch.

Sa school you are being graded by how well you memorize things. Sa trading you will be measured by ur result. Yan yung isa ko pang di gusto sa paid seminars kasi hindi or walang measurement ng result. Every year my investa summit. Every year my trx. Every year my ganito may ganyan but walang nagfofollow up sa result ng mga kumuha noon. Out of 100 na umattend ilan doon ang naging ok trades.

You can add knowledge through paid seminars but it will not speed up ur learning curve. Stock trading is all about experience. If you take tabula rasa, you will learn more by urself kesa sa mga ideas or experience na nasheshare ko. Walang gagraduate sa Tabula Rasa na hindi maganda ang trades. I guarantee that. The only time you will finish the course is if you are actually ready to trade.

So if you see gurus try to sell you na they will speed up ur learning curve through their seminars just know na its a lie. Stock trading is not designed like that. May this clear up things. Trader’s Lounge will always help/assist you for free. Mabuhay ang Filipino Stock Traders.


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