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Dirty Secret of TP (Target Price)

February 10, 2019

This topic might get ugly but please try to keep an open mind.

What is TP? Target Price. A certain price where you would likely sell or take profit. I don’t know how to put this in words that will not offend you. hmm… Okay, I will be gentle. TPs are for noobs. It’s a myth. It doesn’t exist. See our market moves in random. TP is a fixed price. You can’t use a fixed price or rule on a random moving market. Take for example the first picture. A trader bought Vita and went on and made his TP1 and TP2. Well, vita did not reach that traders TP. Sad part is that trader is at loss right now.

Target price. Nauso ito before noong nagkaroon ng mga newsletter at subscription services ang mga mentor/guru. They want their clients/students to have certain target price para naman matuwa ang mga ito. Imagine yung buy below price mo is 1 pesos at yung TP is nasa 3 pesos pa. Wow! 300% profit yun. Feels nice just thinking bout it.

Kung walang TP e ano ang meron. Ok, so there are tools like the second picture. The trader used ALMA for entry and ALMA for exit. If the trade went well at di mabreak ang alma nya that trader would hold. Kahit umabot 10 pesos yan as long as di nabreak ang alma e hohold nya yan kahit lagpas TP pa ng first trader pero nabreak so napabenta sya. The third picture the trader used MAMA so medyo nauna sya umentry at umexit.

Does this make sense sa inyo?Sorry to bust the TP bubble.

target price


  • IAN

    Woah! Woah! Woah!

    July na, ngayon ko palang nababasa to – I’m so shocked, mainly because I’m so guilty with setting a TP, and keeping my eyes locked at it. This blog is really worth reading, kasi magigising ka sa kung anong mali ang ginagawa mo – and make the necessary steps to correct that behavior. Which is very important, kasi if we keep doing the wrong thing, eventually it becomes part of our system, it becomes how we trade – and in the long run, mas mahihirapan tayong baguhin yun.

    I just started trading last Feb. kaya natutuwa ako na everyday, I learn something new; and best thing about learning it is that I’m gaining this knowledge all for FREE. Wala akong ibang ginastos. Kailangan ko lang mas magsipag para sa pag-aaral, so I can execute better trades.

    • James the aspiring trader

      Nais ko po kayong pasalamatan dito kasi isa po ako sa newbie na natutulungan nyo at araw araw po akong natututo. Pagpalain pa po sana kayo at ang pamilya nyo. Napakabuti nyo po. Ang dami ko pong natutunan na gusto ko din ishare sa family and friends ko. I just did a virtual trade last week with MAC and gained 18% in two weeks and then had my first ever trade in COL with DITO telecomms using MAMA strategy and gained Php 4,200 pesos. Maliit lng kung icocompare sa ibang winning trades but I feel so happy that all the things I learned from this blog worked. Thank you so much Ms. Gandahkoh! Im still learning every single day.

    • Dick Vexter Altares

      Kasalukuyan ko pong hinahanap ang mga kakulangan ko pagdating sa trading at isa po ito sa mga iyon. Maraming salamat po, Ma’am. Maraki pang kulang pero paunti unti narerealize at nahahanap koxang mga sagot. Bless you po.

  • Elmer

    Ride the Line “Alma”
    I started to dicipline my self through this Alma line….
    Thank you po Ms Gandakoh
    Fly High TL Fam

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