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Trading Psychology

Do Not Cry On Spilled Milk, Go Find Another Cow.

It seems the reason that so many traders spend time worrying about stocks they no longer own is that they still feel some sort of attachment to the stock.

They spent a lot of time researching potential stocks to purchase, spotted this one, did all their homework and then bought it a point where they thought it had a good chance to move higher.Lots of time and effort was put in to finding that stock.It met the necessary criteria for purchase, and the trade was triggered and taken.Not only that, but they were right!And now the stock is heading north without them.

Di ko na mabilang how many times ako nagsisi selling a position when I was new sa trading. I thought it would go down so I locked in my profit only to find out na it went up 30% more. The feeling sucks. “That stock was my baby and I let it go!

Now, I don’t care what the stock will do after I sell it. It can go up 1000% more or could go down -50%. Why? Kasi I learned from experience na may tatlong regrets sa trading.

There are three types of regret sa trading. Regret na di ka nakabili bago lumipad. Regret na di ka nakabenta bago bumagsak. At yung regret na maganda. Regret na nagbenta ka (with a profit) pero after mo benta umakyat pa ang stock.

See, no one can ever predict the top at bottom price ng isang stock. So the chances of a trader selling at the top is very slim. Most of the time after mo benta umaakyat pa.

Walang nalugi sa nagbenta ng maaga. Maraming nalugi (nasunog port) sa mga nagbenta ng late. Remember that!

After ko benta I never look at the stock again. I may look at it after a few days but on that day or the say after I avoid it. It helped my trading by A LOT! Dalawa lang mangyayare if after mo benta ay tiningnan mo ulit ang stock na nabenta mo. Una, makita mo na tumaas pa after mo benta, magsisi ka at pag di mo kibaya regret mgbuy back ka sa higher price which usually end up at a loss. Pangalawa, bumagsak ang stock after mo benta and you will feel like a genius. Both of them are bad. Its not logic. Di logic ang ngpupush sayo na tumingin after mo benta, its greed!

The next time ma tempt ka tumingin sa stock na nabenta mo, stop yourself, go back sa post na to ( read mo ulit) and you will be okey.

Medyu natagalan ako magblog ulit dahil nag extend kami ng help sa na apektuhan ng natural disaster.

Im on my fifth trade now. Sold my previous holdings bought one. Currently holding it. Here.

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