EAGLE: Trade or Invest?

Kung PSE trader ka ay malamang alam mo na yung yung SMC (San Miguel) are buying EAGLE (EAGLE Cement).

The disclosure was out yesterday.

The news was also out.

Read here for the news:

Would you trade EAGLE or invest on it?

If you wanted to invest on it then you should do more research aside sa news ng pagbili ng SMC bago ka magdecide kasi investing is more than just news. Its buying a business now for its future growth.

If itrade mo naman ay dapat may maayos ka na strategy or else nakikisakay ka lang sa hype and hype traders do not end well most of the time.

If you are into day trading at alam mo ang Berzerk System ay ganitong mga result ang makukuha mo.

Walang hype.

Walang reco.

Pure Berzerk Strategy lang ang gamit.

They did that with LR. They did that with EAGLE.

They will keep using that kapag may opportunity to Day Trade sa market.

If nais mo matutunan ang Berzerk System ay samahan mo kami sa October 8 sa THE BERZERK SYSTEM RERUN na course.

Trading results for those that joined our courses before:

Heto ang result sa trades ng mga umattend noon.

Heto ang mga experience ng previous course attendees ng MASTERCLASS SCALPING and DAY TRADING.

Heto ang comment nila after ng course.

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