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Einstellung effect. (Unlearning)

Einstellung effect. (Unlearning)

Einstellung is the development of a mechanized state of mind. Often called a problem solving set, Einstellung refers to a person’s predisposition to solve a given problem in a specific manner even though better or more appropriate methods of solving the problem exist.The Einstellung effect is the negative effect of previous experience when solving new problems.The most famous example is the Luchins water jar experiment, in which subjects were asked to solve a series of water jar problems. After solving many problems which had the same solution, subjects applied the same solution to later problems even though a simpler solution existed.

Why is it exponentially harder to unlearn something than it is to learn it?

I believe that the answer lies in understanding of the word, ‘learn’. Learn does not simply mean to remember, but to deeply understand through experience, study, trial and error, backwards and forwards. If you have truly learned something, you have done more than basic memorization. Some lessons take longer to learn, and learning is lifelong, you can always add a layer to your level of knowledge, but you can’t take it away. Time helps dull details, mistakes can still be made, but you can’t un-fry an egg, and I cannot look at letters or words without reading them, no matter how hard I may try.

To overcome Einstellung, you need to keep learning new things in your field or even go for new learning in unrelated fields. When the brain gets used to continuous learning, Einstellung is not that big a problem anymore.” –WIKIPEDIA

What am I talking about?

Mga strategies na natuturo sa Trader’s Lounge mas mabilis na aabsorb ng mga newbies keysa sa mga madami na experience sa trading. If u already know a lot mahihirapan kang gamitin si MAMA. Kasi yung mama set up sa eyes ng newbie kapag yun lang alam niya is easy pero kapag marami kana alam MAMA na yung stock pero nakikita mo resistance or bearish candlestick pattern so iiwas ka. Mama na siya pero nakikita mo is downtrend siya o may mga bearish signals. Mga pinaka nahihirapan gumamit ng mga strategies taught in Trader’s lounge are yung may mga madaming complicated na alam.

Well, what to do? I say just continue using it. It will eventually replace yung mga previous set ups at knowledge na nastore sa mind nyo. Yan ang journey ninyo. That’s the process.

If you are asking paano tamang gamit ng MAMA? These type of questions will be answered by you kapag ilang beses nyo na ginagamit si mama. Makikita ninyo mismo alin ang better na mama set up kumpara sa good lang at yung best kumpara sa better lang. Dont expect na kakalearn mo lang kahapon eh expert kana kasi simple. Yes its simple but need mo e apply at gamitin at need mo din experience sa pag gamit para effective siya. As you use the strategies sa TL, you will learn more and more about them. If you are new to thi blogsite and nagwowonder ka what is MAMA, join Trader’s Lounge sa facebook and look for MAMA STRATEGY sa weekly lessons na topic. You can also watch it on our Youtube channel.

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