fishball trading strategy


This is a strategy. This is not a mere definition lang ng isang indicator. Full strategy ito meaning may entry at exit. Sa bounce usually na ginagamit either fibo or support at resistance. Then there is Fishball.

This is a bounce set up or bounce trade. I will be very clear on how this set up is done. Una look for stocks na tumaas significantly or what we call lumipad. The moment na bumagsak yung stock na yun automatic ito yung strategy na gagamitin. Same din sa mga stock na biglaan ang grabe na pagbagsak. Explosive volume ang key dito.

Okay, first use 30 min timeframe (non-negotiable) kasi you need that long na time para ma weed out yung fake bounce or fake move. Pwede ka mag experiment ng 15 mins or 1 hour but I suggest stick sa 30 mins.

Pangalawa plot ka ng Fisher transform.

Pangatlo plot ka ng TRIX lagay mo 5 ang setting. Yung Fisher default nya lang ok na.

Yung fisher is color blue na line at trigger naman yung color orange. Then may mga dotted line. Yung buy signal is kapag lumabas na sa ilalim ng mga dotted lines yung fisher at pabalik sya paakyat with the fisher (blue line) above the trigger (orange line). Then, yung trix dapat hindi naka curve pababa. Either naka flat or curving up ang trix.

KPPI November 14, 2019
Kahit PSEI kita yung bounce sa Fishball.

This is a bounce play so mabilis lang na pasok at labas. Yung exit is kapag nagcurve na pababa ang fisher or ngcross na sya sa trigger na ang fisher ang nasa baba. Normally it will give you an easy 8-10% gain if done properly.

Mabilisan ang execution dito. I use this strategy often. Kapag may buy signal na I’d buy then derecho na ako lagay sa sell order ng shares at stock name habang ng aabang sa exit sa chart. Kapag exit signal shows up I put the price then execute. Bounce lang. No reversal. No hoping. Pasok at labas din agad.

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