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Let me take you inside the mind of a trader who missed out on JFC.

I asked this trader a favor na I will publish her story in exchange for an advice.

Let us dig down sa nangyare. May previous experience na siya trading JFC. Natalo siya more than 3% noon. Hindi niya alam but those experience ay nag register sa mind niya since that time ay bago pa lang din siya sa stock market. Fast forward a week or two ago nakita na naman niya si JFC and this time her sister even send her money to buy JFC (That’s another additional pressure sa decision making niya) and she did buy JFC. Little did she know na her past experience ky JFC will play a big role sa magiging action niya.

She was not sure what strategy to use. Fishball ba? Daytrade ba? She ended up using a day trading strategy with a 5 minute TF which is not really a good time frame trading a stock like JFC kasi hindi naman yan third liner. Her trade ended up sa loss. She thought na it was a good exit kasi baka nga bumagsak pa naman si JFC lower than her entry. The next few days nakita niya na umangat ng umangat si JFC and its tearing her up inside. The regret is too much for her to bear. Nakikita pa niya na marami nag gain ky JFC kaya lalo siyang nainggit at nag regret. 

This is a combination of envy and greed.


Envy refers to the often-painful emotion caused by an awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another person. It is a complex, socially repugnant emotion made up of a mix of inferiority feelings, hostility, and resentment. Envy may seem like greed, but greed involves an insatiable desire for more and more of something, rather than a desire for a particular thing possessed by a particular person. Envy is also different from jealousy. 

Envy involves two people and occurs when one lacks something enjoyed by another. Jealousy typically involves three people and occurs when one fears losing someone, usually a romantic partner, to a rival. People envy those who are similar to themselves on attributes such as gender, age, experience, and social background. These similarities enable people to imagine what it would be like if they had the envied person’s advantage. However, envy results when, in fact, the chances of having the desired attribute seem slim, despite this similarity. 

Also, people envy those whose advantages are on self-relevant domains. If Salieri envied Mozart, it was because Salieri’s self-worth was linked to doing well as a composer, and Mozart’s superior musical talent diminished Salieri’s own abilities on a domain that mattered dearly to him. People resist confessing their envy, perhaps more so than any other emotion. After all, envy is one of the seven deadly sins. People are taught to rejoice in the good fortunes of others. To admit to envy is to announce that one is feeling both inferior and hostile, which is shameful.

For envy to take root, three conditions must be met. First, we must be confronted with a person (or persons) with a superior quality, achievement, or possession. Second, we must desire that quality for ourselves, or wish that the other person lacked it. And third, we must be pained by the associated emotion. In sum, envy is the pain caused by the desire for the advantages of others. Envy is mean and miserly, and arguably the most shameful of the deadly sins. 

Our envy is hardly ever confessed, not even to ourselves. Although the terms are often used interchangeably, envy is not synonymous with jealousy. If envy is the pain caused by the desire for the advantages of others, jealousy is the pain caused by the fear of losing our advantages to others. Envy is especially directed at those with whom we compare ourselves, such as our neighbors and relatives. Envy is a secretly held emotion. If you are envious of someone it’s unlikely that you will admit it to anyone, except perhaps to someone who might also be envious of that other person and will participate with you in denigrating them.

Lastly, the circumstances in which you might be envious will always involve a social comparison or competition between yourself and another person. Such competition and comparison with others are a part of the yardstick by which you measure yourself–your self-evaluation. Since envy is triggered only when you come up short, that’s part of the reason why it is experienced as such an “ugly” emotion.


Chasing every financial opportunity—and, it cannot be overemphasized, to the detriment of virtually everything else in their life—has become their be-all and end-all. A deeper understanding of greed can help us to see that it is not only material goods that we desire money for, but also the security and independence that wealth can bring. Wealth is not a bad thing, in and of itself. It can help us meet our basic needs as well as enjoy luxuries which make life better. In many ways, greed is foremost a matter of the heart, of our inner lives.

It is said that without greed we would still be living in caves but, left unchecked, the insatiable desire for more and better material things can be destructive. One example to illustrate the negative effects of greed is the United States subprime mortgage crisis, a nationwide banking emergency that occurred between 2007-2010. 

The blame was on the mortgage lenders because they approved mortgage agreements for many people who had a poor credit history and an extremely high risk of default. Banks, real estate firms, and construction companies approved mortgage loans even for people who had no way of paying them back. Obviously, It is greed that pushed all these companies to take such risks. This mortgage crisis was a major contributor to the financial crisis of 2007–2008.

The fact that a whole bunch of businesses committed a huge mistake that was motivated by greed suggests that greed can certainly cloud decision making even among the most intelligent, influential and experienced businessmen.

Greed at envy were the reasons bakit siya nagreregret at bakit painful ang makita yung iba na nag gain samantalang siya ay loss noong binitawan niya ang JFC. 


You will miss more winner than you will actually trade. You will miss more ceiling plays, lipad plays, gap up plays kesa sa masakyan mo.You don’t believe me? I will show you.

Nasaan ka noong nasa 1000 points pa lang ang PSEi? You missed it!

Nasaan ka noong mula 2 pesos plus ay umakyat si DD almost 3000%? You missed it!

Nasaan ka noong nasa 1000 points pa lang ang PSEi? You missed it!

Di lang sa Trading. Punta tayo sa ibang aspeto ng buhay. Nasaan ka sa picture na yan? You missed it! Di ka kabilang!

Nasaan ka noong nadiskubre ng babae ang diamante na ito? You missed it.

Nasan ka noong nanalo sa lotto si….. Ok di ko alam basta nanalo sya. Hahaha. Para di malaman ng kamag anak niya na nanalo siya yan ang sinuot niya.

Nasaan ka noong mga Gurus mo pa lang nakaka alam ng inspect element?


Accept mo ang fact na marami ka pa mamimiss na ganyan and that is normal. Dami ko na miss din na trade. Na trade ko JFC na miss ko SMPH which nagbenta din ako early. AC pa! Ali pa! Sobrang dami.

May ibubulong ako sayo though…

Lapit ka konti….

Na miss mo man ang JFC… Di ka man nakasakay doon… Di ka man kumita….


I remember the same situation with other traders noon sa JFC with different result. Unlike now na bumaba below 100 pesos si JFC at umakyat. Noon bumagsak below 250 pesos si JFC at tuluyan pang bumagsak.

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  • Maverick Dhez

    You are amazing Miss Gandakoh.
    The knowledge you keep on sharing to us are priceless, literally and figuratively…

  • Chris

    Can i share this in my FB? Ung diary ng trade? … Im so moved by this…. Sana nga po madami magpost dun sa group ng mga failed trade naman,,,

    I just felt na mas marami tayong matututunan dun sa mga failed trade….

    Unless lahat tau sa lounge gain na lage ang trade,,, hehe

  • Elsa

    Crying over a 50% missed gain on JFC? I missed Best World (BW) in 1998 when it was still below one peso
    then went up to as high as P107.00. That was more than 10,000% return I missed.

  • 50Shades of Trades

    The Lessons here in TL are just too hot to handle.
    FOMO is real.
    Envy is Real.
    Greed is real.
    Regret is real.
    Fear is real.

    I am a newbie, I lost on my 6th trade last week. I cut-loss without mercy, but the impact remains in me.
    Thank you Madam Ganda sa mga ganitong blogs; this helps me to remain calm and positive.
    I hope to overcome my emotions in trading someday.

  • Dee

    Whew. Nagsikip dibdib ko pagkabasa ko neto kasi nararamdaman ko na andameng lumipad sa BOPIS na set-up last week na nakita ko pero di ko tinrade because i have two stocks na binabantayan in which nagBO yung isa pero nagbenta ako lahat EARLY nung namula PSEI tapos nag re-entry pro konti lang nabuy back. Then naipit ako dun sa isang lumipad. “IM SORRRRRRY MAAAAAAAA!” I know, I know, my fault pero tama ka na naman Miss Gandakoh, marami pang darating na opportunity. Thanks for this.

  • Ram

    Perception is the key!!

    Sabi mo nga rin po sa ibang blogs, there will always be opportunites in the stockmarket. Wag magalalang, may mamimiss kang opportunities kasi laging may opportunities sa merkado.

    Thank you Maam Gandakoh for the enlightenment..
    Thank you very much!

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