All of us have haters in life.

Your hater just hate you. My haters read my blog, watch my youtube videos and join my Trader’s Lounge facebook group just to see what I did wrong and point it out.

I’m a stock trader. My emotion is more or less always at bay. I have been trading for over a decade so hindi din naman ako push over at hindi rin ako mabilis magalit. I think the only person na kaya e push buttons ko is my sister. The most others will get from me is an eye roll.

My main purpose of creating a blog and a youtube channel is to honor the wishes of a lot of traders that has been asking me to make one for months and as well share some ideas/learnings/experiences that I think would be useful to traders.

I teach for free so a lot of paid gurus don’t like me. I don’t really care about it. I’m doing good financially. I have a few businesses that are non-trading related plus my lifestyle is simple. I don’t do paid seminars, subscriptions or mentoring dahil ako noon lang din ng libre so lahat ng ginagawa ko ngayon eh parang payback lang din sa naghelp sakin noon.

There are a lot of traders who follow me and like what I’m doing. These are traders who wants to learn about trading. I have a lot of friends and they send me a lot of screenshot of the ones who go out of their way to hate on me.Some of the people who don’t like me are funny. Look here.

They read my blog to the end kasi nasa dulo na yang clerical error na yan. Can you imagine the amount of effort they exert?

If you hate me but you watch everything I do, you’re a fan! You are not really a hater but a fan with negative opinions.

If by hating on me you get to read and learn all the ideas that I put out please don’t stop hating. My purpose in life is to help traders for free

I’m really happy sa progress ng mga traders sa Trade’s Lounge. If pumasok ka sa group na yun you would se a lot of traders posting their actual gain/profit. I think Traders Lounge is on its way to become a great facebook trading group. If ayaw ninyo ng hype. If ayaw ninyo ng reco. If ayawninyo ng bentahan kayo ng kung anu ano. Trader’s Lounge is the group for you. Tabula Rasa (a free trading course offered sa Traders Lounge) is getting some really good feedback.

I respect both those who like me and those who do not. I’m still in Singapore right now having a vacation with my family. I sold the stock na hawak ko kahapon kanina when it hit my sell signal. I bought two new stock. Let’s see where market takes them.

I respect both those who like me and those who do not. I’m still in Singapore right now having a vacation with my family. I sold the stock na hawak ko kahapon kanina when it hit my sell signal. I bought two new stock. Let’s see where market takes them.

We are planning to bring back MAMA contest sa TL so abangan ninyo yun. Lahat ng prize doon galing sa kita namin sa trades.

If you want to learn more about stock trading join our Facebook Group called Trader’s Lounge

Our advocacy is sharing ideas, experiences and knowledge to traders for FREE. We offer free Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis and Market Psychology learning materials for free. 

We also have weekly lessons over there. We created different trading strategies like MAMA which made a lot of traders profitable. Other trading strategies include FISHBALL, PAPA, CALMA and more. We want to offer OFW’s, Employees and all Filipino people a chance to learn without paying a cent. 

We also have a Youtube Channel wherein I myself discuss strategies and trading related topics. 

Come join us. Let us push free learning. 


  • mako solano

    Kahit maganda yung hangarin mo may mga tao tlgang manghihila pababa. D ko maintindhan pano nagpprocess gantong utak ng tao. ‍♂️

  • Dee

    Kahit naglipat bahay ka na, sinusundan pa rin kita! Hahahahaha. Buti at work from home na kmi. Hayaan mo silang mga bashers, di natin sila bati! LOL

  • Christopher

    Ganyan talaga po nabasa ko yang blog nyo na yan, natural naman yang nagkaka typo error. Ang mahalaga yung context at yung message na nais iparating sa taga basa. Basta ako nadaragdagan ang aking kaalaman sa blog nyo.

    • Nhellie

      Ilang araw na akong addict kakabasa ng mga vlogs mo Miss Gandakoh. Since naka quanrantine tau ngayon. I made myself busy by reading your vlogs to learn new things about trading. “where had you been my life?” Ngayon lang ako nakaencounter ng trader na may malasakit sa kapwa nya trader. I am also member of other trader group, kaya I can say na iba nga talaga ang culture dito sa TL. Mas ramdam ko ang sincerity ng group na ito. Parang member ka talaga ng family. More power sa TL! Stay young and happy!

  • Angelica Reyes

    Thank you miss ganda koh! Naiinis ako kase ngayon ko lang nalaman tong TL. I should have known this earlier, edi sana hindi -50% yung port ko. Nakikinig lang kasi ako palagi sa mga hype 🙁

    Pero ngayon, Im trying to watch all your videos po sa youtube, after ng work, manonood lang ako ng strategy sa youtube channel ng TL.

    Sana po wag kang magsawa sa advocacy mo. You are helping hundreds of people. May God Bless you more and your family! Sana balang araw makilala ka namin ❤️

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