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How To Sell A Stock

I’m Happy to tell you that in few months lang Trader’s Lounge reached 17,000 members!

I guess traders love the way our group is set up. No hype. No reco. No benta ng kung anu-ano.

I’m going to teach you how to sell or exit a stock. I’m going to use yung trade ng isang Trader’s Lounge member.

This person is a newbie. Take note na newbie siya.

Na filter niya at nilagay sa watchlist ang X or Xurpas. He used MAMA Strategy.

I told you na newbie siya so instead na EOD ang entry niya nag entry siya sa low which was a big no-no talaga. I explained to him and I think he learned his lesson naman. Newbies are prone to a lot of simple mistakes.

He bought X at around 0.77 pesos.

A lot of traders are wondering what’s next after you buy a stock using MAMA. I will show you what is next. This is what you should do.

Punta ka sa agad sa TRADE then punta ka sa ENTER ORDER. Next, punta ka sa SELL ORDER. I would like to show you real example but I’m doing this blog while market is closed.

Let me get a picture of a SELL ORDER sa google. Here it is. GREEN IS BUY ORDER while RED IS SELL ORDER. Punta ka agad sa sell order. Lagay mo ang stock code which was in his case eh X then lagay mo ang # of shares na hawak mo. Keep the price section empty.

Yan lang gawin mo. Do not look at QUOTES. Hayaan nyo na ibang traders tumingin doon. Edge nyo yun sa ibang traders. Di kayo mabibiktima ng padding or ng mga huge sell orders. When you trade using MAMA Strategy, importante na you keep your emotions in check. Ingatan mo rin yung psyche mo kaya don’t look at Quotes.

Lahat ng nangyayare sa QUOTES makikita mo naman sa chart. If may mag buy up makikita mo sa chart. If may magsell down makikita mo rin. If may magbuhos makikita mo rin kasi e break ng candle ang ALMA. Sa Quotes kasi nangyayare ang kadalasang manipulation ng mga vets sa noobs. They will sometimes pad para magbilihan while magbebenta sila or lagay malalaking sell orders para magbentahan at makabili sila sa baba. You will also see broker’s name sa quotes which affects your psyche din.

Now, after mo punta sa sell order at lagay ng stock code and number of shares punta ka sa chart.

Observe mo ang candle if e break niya ang ALMA. Dalawang windows open sayo. SELL ORDER at CHART.

Kapag nahit ang sell signal mo which is sa case ni MAMA Strategy ay break ng Alma as support then you should put in the price sa sell order window mo at execute the trade.

After mo execute ng trade, close both window at gumawa ka ng ibang bagay. Do your hobbies. Do your work. Gumala ka. Anything na magprevent sayo from looking back sa nabenta mo na stock.

Kaya ko na e teach ang idea pero ang disiplina kayo talaga ang need gumawa niyan sa self ninyo.

I ask the newbie for a trading history kaya lang wala siyang complete na trading history since nagshorten na pwede mo maview na trade history sa COL. He gave me his ledger. Here. Executed MAMA TRADE. Bought at 0.77 pesos, sold at 0.85 pesos.

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  • Zaldy

    Thanks for disclosing this technique. My col acnt is not yet activated and am trading thru a trading company. I gave my orders thru txt only. I tried buying at eod, but i failed to close a sale even when i matched the closing price. How can i apply this strategy since it requires swift decisions and actions which i have no control at this time. Is my trader too busy on other accounts?

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