I Sympathize With You

Una sa lahat if malaki loss mo sa market na to, I sympathize with you. PSEi went down dahil sa sell-off which was caused by an idiotic move of some people. If you want to know what move was that you can read this.

I can imagine a lot of crying and venting out of frustrations sa social media right about now.

Don’t get me wrong, I do sympathize with you if marami at malalaki loss mo ngayon. I as a person yun. I sympathize with you but my trades don’t.

I remember 2008 when I was just learning stock trading. I was such a loser. Those losses made me who I am today. People don’t give enough credit sa experience that’s why you see a lot of gurus ngayon na kahit di pa nakaranas ng totoong market crash ay inaakala na nila na kabisado na nila ang merkado. Hinahumble sila ng merkado ngayon.

Hinihiwalay ng market condition na to ang marurunong sa hindi. If malimit ka chumamba sa breakout nung bullrun iiyak ka sa market na to.

I love this market. I’m doing fine sa ganitong market. My sister earned more than me today but Im satisfied by my trades.

Mahirap magtrade at magscreenshot but I managed to made a few screenshots while I was trading today.


Here’s the rest:

I think bukas I will sit trading out. I’m ok with what I have earned today that bukas unless sobrang ganda ng set up I will just watch a movie and chill.

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