In-Depth Ichimoku

Nasa level ng Elliott Wave, Darvas Box at Fibonacci ang Ichimoku Cloud pero hindi siya nabibigyan ng ganun na level ng importance at respect.


Its because everything you know about Ichimoku are all shallow interpretations of the 7 volume books written by the person who made Ichimoku Clouds.

Sobrang underrated ng Ichimoku Clouds to the point na kinoconsider lang ng karamihan na simple Technical Indicator ito gaya ng mga moving averages.


My upcoming Clouds book is a game-changer!

It will blow your mind.

It will tell you things you have no idea about ICHIMOKU CLOUDS!

I’m not exaggerating. There are so many things na dapat mo malaman about ICHIMOKU CLOUDS. Let me show you a sneak peek!

That is just a little sneak peek!

There are far more things to know about ICHIMOKU CLOUDS na pag nalaman mo eh magagamit mo sa trading mo.

Maraming babaguhin na pananaw at manner ng pagtrade ang book na ito.

You would be insane not to avail this one.


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