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Investagrams and Me

I tried google translate to find out ano sa tagalog ang oscillator and it’s osileytor. Add an “s” to oscillator and the translation went from osileytor to mga oscillator. Hahaha. One error found google translate!

What is an oscillator? An oscillator is a technical analysis indicator that varies over time within a band (above and below a center line, or between set levels). Oscillators are used to discover short-term overbought or oversold conditions. Oscillators are typically constructed with lower and upper boundaries and display lines that oscillate between these boundaries. Ideally, peaks and troughs in the oscillator correspond to peaks and troughs in the market.

Common oscillators are MACD, ROC, RSI, CCI.

When you come to think of it there are really a few technical indicators and overlays that made up the so called Technical Analysis (that i know, of course!). You have Fibonacci Retracement, Pivot Points and Darvas Box for support and resistance.

You have Average Directional Index (ADX), Commodity Channel Index (CCI), Know Sure Thing Oscilator, Ichimoku, MACD, Parabolic SAR, Trendline, Trix and Vortex Indicator for Trends. You have Money Flow Index (MFI), Relative Strength Index (RSI), Stochastic Oscillator, True Strength Index, and Williams %R for momentum.

You have Accumulation/Distribution Line, Ease Of Movement, Fore Index, On-balance Volume, and Negative Volume Index for Volume. You have Average True Range(ATR) , Bollinger Bands, Donchian Channel, Keltner Channel, Market Volatility Index and Stadard Deviation for volatility.

You have Advance-Decline Line (ADL), Arms Index (TRIN) and McClellan Oscillator for breadth.

Chart (Candle) Patterns are consiste of Cup and Handle, Double Top, Double Bottom, Flag and Pennant, Gap, Head and Shoulders, Island Reversal, Triangle, Tripple Top, Tripple Bottom and Wedge Pattern.

Sa candle stick naman merong Doji, Hammer, Hanging Man, Inverted Hammer, Marubozu, Shooting Star, Spinning Top, Hikkake, Morning Star, Three Black Crows, and Three White Shoulders.

Sa mga concepts naman nagrerevolve lang lahat yan halos sa Dead Cat Bounce, Breakout, Breakdown, Elliot Wave Principle at Market Trends.

Sa Indicators may tinatawag na Leading Indicators at Lagging Indicators. Leading indicators kasi they allow for early signaling for entry and exit. Early signals can also act to forewarn against a potential strength or weakness. Problema lang sa leading indicators is malimit magbigay false signals. 

Lagging indicators naman tawag dahil it follows the price action and are commonly referred to as trend-following indicators. They are designed to get traders in and keep them in as long as the trend is intact. Problema naman sa lagging is late ng konti magbigay signals kaya by the time a moving average crossover occurs, a significant portion of the move has already occurred. (I’m looking at you CROSSOVER users hehe).

If bago ka lang sa Technical Analysis na tinatawag parang ang complicated. Ang daming terms, ang daming lines at ang gulo. Truth is sobrang simple ng Technical Analysis. Kahit nga yung math involved eh sobrang simple.

 Yung mga calculations kung paano na derived if suriin mo simple lang. I will go through sa lahat ng nalist sa taas plus Fundamental Analysis. Indicators after indicators gagawan ko ng blog post. Strategies after strategies at ideas after ideas. 

My main trading strategies are of course MAMA, Fishball, Calma and all those written in weekly lessons sa Trader’s Lounge na group sa facebook. Most of your guru will hate my blogsite and my youtube channel for it is free. I will educate you. I will teach you all. I will give you al the tools needed para magkaroon kayo ng laban sa pagtrade sa stock market. 

Complicated lang to tingnan pero trust me na kahit grade 6 student kaya ma master to. Stock trading is not about who has the best indicators or strategy. Strategy mo is a small percentage lang ng success mo sa trading kasi mas nananaig pa rin ang didisplina at psychology. 

Ang MAMA STRATEGY sa Traders Lounge sobrang simple pero marami kumikita gamit nun. Di ko na mabilang mga gustong manlibre sakin at gusto magbigay ng pera galing sa gains nila dahil sa MAMA Strategy. Simple Strategy siya pero may kasamang strict na Disiplina. Sa youtube channel ng traders lounge nadiscuss ko mga cardinal rules when using MAMA

Natutuwa ako if kumikita ang traders dahil sa turo ko. I decline yung mga libre nila at mga bigay na pera. I do what I do kasi I want to help hindi na peperahan ko mga traders. I trade for a living. I have my own money. As a matter of fact I’m here sa Thailand now kakarating lang with my family for few days vacation.

Someone sent me this picture as i do this blog now.

Just to be very clear. I don’t go to investagrams anymore. I dont have any accounts over there. I don’t hate investagrams. I just can’t compromise. I have my principles. If you help traders for free then I’m all for it. I support it. If your help comes with a fee then I don’t support it. I don’t hate you for it. I just won’t support you. 

If you trade for a living, go trade for a living. That’s my bottom line. If you start doing workshops or seminars then be honest enough to admit that your trades can’t cover your needs/wants and be honest enough that you are making a business. I can’t hate someone for trying to put food on their table. I have a few non trading related businesses myself so I respect entrepreneurs. 

I gave up most of my “complaining attitude” about gurus the moment I decided to make a blog and a youtube channel. I don’t plan on making a blog at first especially not a youtube channel kasi nga ang effort. i wrote a book Maduming Merkado but I realized na once I gave it out hindi makakarating ang book sa mga ibang traders na malayo at baka e benta ng iba. I took all those content ng book and started posting it on this blog and started making videos about it. 

My youtube videos are not really as kwela or as nice as others but if you want to learn about trading I guarantee you na matututo ka watching it. Maduming merkado is over a thousand pages so expect the same amount of blog posts and youtube videos to be put out. This is going to be a long ride. When it’s all said and done I want to leave you all with a legacy na someone was kind enough to offer help for free at sisiguraduhin ko din na may laban kayo sa trading. 

That is all you need. A fighting chance.

Whatever mean or negative thing you say about me is your opinion. You are entitled to it. Ang mga nahelp ko na traders, they all love me. I will focus most of my energy sa pag travel, do things i want/like at pag manage ng businesses pero at the same time I will help traders for free. Who knows I might start a new trend of traders helping fellow traders for no fee. Baka mabago natin ang trading community pero if hindi man ok lang din basta makatulong.

I lost a lot when I was starting sa pagtrade. Someone with a kind heart helped me and did not ask a single cent in return. Now I’m helping traders na din at never ako mag aask a single cent in return. I hope you support my advocacy.

If you want to learn more about stock trading join our Facebook Group called Trader’s Lounge

Our advocacy is sharing ideas, experiences and knowledge to traders for FREE. We offer free Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis and Market Psychology learning materials for free. 

We also have weekly lessons over there. We created different trading strategies like MAMA which made a lot of traders profitable. Other trading strategies include FISHBALL, PAPA, CALMA and more. We want to offer OFW’s, Employees and all Filipino people a chance to learn without paying a cent. 

We also have a Youtube Channel wherein I myself discuss strategies and trading related topics. 

Come join us. Let us push free learning. 


  • Ruben Ocampo

    ask ko lang po maam gandakoh sa opinion nyo or base sa experience nyo ano po ba ideal ages para magstart na maging stock trader or kayo po ilan yung ages mo ng pumasok ka sa stock markert?

  • Ruben Ocampo

    GOD bless you more thanks a lot po madami ako natutunan sainyo. kaya pala nawala account nyo sa investa now alam ko na. kaya pala hinahanap ko mga post mo doon di ko na makita.

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