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Okay, I’m not quite sure if you are ready to hear this but i will give it a try. See good traders backtest their strategy using tons of chart ng mga iba’t ibang stock. I did that also when i was starting. I paper traded. I do a lot of preparation stuff ika nga. Nowadays medyu lucky na mga new ones kasi may mga virtual trading na kung tawagin.

Now, what I’m going to tell you is a secret. This was a secret maybe few years ago but now not so much na. To enhance ur strategy¬†use minimum. To backtest ur strategy live. Use minimum. To practice cutting losses fast. Use minimum.

Ano po ang minimum? I’ts the least money you can use to buy a stock na di ka talo sa fees which is i think sa PSE 8k pesos.

Let’s sa nakita mo ang mama na strategy. You liked it. Na paper trade mo na. Na virtual trade mo na. You feel confident gamitin sa actual trading. Bago mo tuluyang gamitin e test mo muna using 8k pesos. It doesn’t matter how much BP you have. 100k man yan. 2M man yan. Use 8k. You enter at exit with mama. If nagfail e cut mo. It will be an easy cut kasi few hundred lang mawawala sayo. If successful naman you might gain few hundred lang din but then you proved na pwede sa live ang strategy mo.

New stuff usually I do five minimums muna to see how I react or how the trade goes. then I will proceed based sa outcome ng limang trades na yun if either e trade ko na yun or e enhance ko pa.

Never worry about losing time kasi di nawawala si stock market.

This maybe useful sa inyo or this may be not but take time and see it for yourselves.

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