Trading Basics


The Secret to a Trick

Alam nyo ba ang sekreto sa mga magic tricks ng magician? 

It’s misdirection. Yung kanang kamay gagawa ng bagay na mkaka agaw attention mo habang yung kaliwa naman gumagawa ng tricks.



Most retailers nakatutok sa Merry Mart dahil naka ilang ceiling na ito.

Di nila napapansin na something is happening. Dito sa TL Family I will inform you as much as possible para well-informed kayo.

So, whats up? Well, 4 consecutive days na net selling ang foreign funds. 

Today umabot pa 1.17B yung net foreign selling.

Look at this picture.

Net foreign Buying and Selling YTD 2020

Let’s zoom in.

Yung bottom niyan is -57.5 Billion net foreign sell which was on May 28, 2020. 

Then nagkaroon ng net foreign buying so umangat ang curve.

Right now bumabalik na ulit sa baba. Nasa -57.2B ba net foreign sell YTD. That’s -300M away from the bottom.



This is where TL Forum helps. Doon ninyo makikita earnings ng companies and na ranked na siya from highest to lowest.

All u need to do is go to the forum.

Ganun din na net foreign buying or selling. All you need to do is go to the forum.

They are being updated daily.

What do all these tell us?

Well, these tell us na nagbounce si PSEI for few days and now pabalik na ulit sa pagbebenta mga foreign funds. These remind us sa reality na nasa Pandemic pa rin tayo. So dapat e treat mo pa rin ang bawat trade as bounce lang.


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    what the freak! -57.2B net foreign SELL (year to date) since 02 Jan 2020??!!
    lupet ng covid19! uwian ang mga porens! hahaha

    Ms. G, sa condition ng PSE ngayon (27 June 2020), ano EXIT ang gagamitin namin sa MAMA TITA at PAPA strats? 1 hour? or 4 hours? or daily?

    cheers to happy trading…

  • Steve

    Good day,

    Thank you for all you’ve done to the trading community. I’m one of the traders who uses your strategy and found success in them. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge for free, sana all me heart na katulad nyo. 🙂 I hope more people learn from you through your blogs and youtube videos. More power to you and your advocacy mam gandakoh!

    Take care always and God bless you!

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