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Paano Ang Tulad Ko Na Hindi Makabantay Lagi Sa Stock Market?

I’m a full time stock trader. Normally, I talk about stock trading all day. Most of us in my family trade stocks. I was doing a lesson about a new trading strategy called TITA then all of a sudden it hit me. Not all who trade stocks are in it to be a full time trader. Some of them just want a vehicle to prepare them for their retirement years. If that’s the case I need to point them to the right direction. I don’t get paid to do what I do. I do it out of love for my fellow Filipino traders. Let me now answer the question that most of the OFW send me a message about. “Ano ang magandag strategy para sa tulad ko na hindi makabantay lagi sa market? Ano ang magandang gawin para sa retirement?”

I often do blogs and Youtube videos with active stock traders in mind. Let me now think about yung mga tao na sabihin na nating walang oras magbantay ng market. Let us think about those who are in their late 40’s or nasa 50’s na nahihirapan maghanap ng lugar kung saan pwede nila ilagay ang pera nila para sa retirement. Let us think about yung mga walang alam sa negosyo at ang gusto lamang ay makapag ipon ng maayos para sa kinabukasan. One option is to join TRC and do the Peso Cost Averaging Strategy which I’m not really a fan of. I wrote a blog why I love Brother Bo Sanchez but I don’t like Peso Cost Averaging.

Let me introduce you to another idea. THE INDEX FUND. An index fund is simply a fund that replicates the components of a market index. Sa Pilipinas may 30 bluechip companies na bumubuo ng tinatawag natin na Philippine Stock Exchange Index or Psei. An index fund simply mirrors the returns this index produce. Technically speaking, index funds in general mean that they track the average return of not only the entire Philippine market but even specific industries

I’m just going to open the door about Index Fund for you. Its up to you to go in. I’m just going to give you an idea or an option na if gusto ninyo you can research more about it with the help of your internet.

We have MUTUAL FUNDS which is pera na iniipon mula sa investors at minamanage ng tinatawag na Fund Manager. UITF which is a mutual fund din pero mga banks naman ang humahawak at nag ooffer. ETF which stands for exhcange traded fund. First Metro Philippine Equity Exchange Traded Fund (FMETF). It is a fund but it’s stock is traded on the Philippine Stock Exchange. It’s a cross between a managed fund and a stock. If may col account ka or any stock broker’s account you can buy it. Instead na bibili ka isa isa na stock you can directly buy FMETF which contains all of the index.

5,000 pesos ang initial investment sa mutual fund. You can check the list of mutual fun companies at . Marami din blogs at articles nasa internet about mutual funds especially with fees at returns nito kasi iba iba sila ng fees at returns. 5,000 pesos din initial investment sa UITF. You can check the list here.

Narinig na ba ninyo ang 401k sa US? May local version tayo nun which is called PERA. Personal Equity and Retirement Account . It is officially established by the Republic Act No. 9505 of 2008. Through the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), it was launched on December 16, 2016 and created the framework where citizens and institutions can come up with a way to voluntarily save for the purpose of using the funds upon reaching the retirement age. OFW’s canavail this as well as local Pinoy employees. 18 years old pataas yata ang requirement. BDO , BPI at Land Bank ang nag ooffer.

Click HERE for more info.

Trust me on this one. Bago itong PERA na ito and you should avail it. Other investment options are RTB’s or Retail Treasury Bonds and Pag-IBIG MP2 which you will know a lot about by simply typing those in google. 

I really love my fellow Filipinos kaya I’m trying to help you out as much as I can. My field is stock trading and dun ako nakakatulong ng marami. I think we have this certain lack of awareness sa mga investments among Filipinos. Sa stock trading nga lang sobrang dami ng traders that lacks proper knowledge about trading. My goal and advocacy is to share free knowledge at ideas.

If you want to learn more about stock trading join our Facebook Group called Trader’s Lounge

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We also have weekly lessons over there. We created different trading strategies like MAMA which made a lot of traders profitable. Other trading strategies include FISHBALL, PAPA, CALMA and more. We want to offer OFW’s, Employees and all Filipino people a chance to learn without paying a cent. 

We also have a Youtube Channel wherein I myself discuss strategies and trading related topics. 

Come join us. Let us push free learning. 


  • Justine

    Hi, very informative po yung blog na to specially for newbies like me who is aiming for a long term investment. I already availed an equity index fund and is planning to do cost averaging until being recommended to join TL. Being said that, can you enlighten me on what strategy is best for long term with equity index fund? Appreciate your thoughts. Thank you!

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