paano yumaman sa stock market

Paano Yumaman Sa Stock Market?

Paano nga ba yumaman sa Stock Market? I will answer that question at the end of this blog but first let us talk about something that traders seem to ignore. DIVIDENDS.

What is a dividend? A cash dividend is a payment made by a company out of its earnings to investors in the form of cash. Ito ay paraan para e reward ang mga long-time shareholder na nag invest at naniwala sa company. A company/business does an IPO sa stock market to get money in exchange for shares of their company. Investors buy those shares because they believe sa potential growth or sa future ng company. If the company makes money and wala silang mapaglagyan ng pera what they do is magbibigay sila ng dividends either stock or in cash sa mga “loyal” shareholders. Yan ang parang general view about dividend.

Why am I telling you all these? I’m telling you all of these kasi today I will show you a loophole sa system na ito. You remember my blog about CHP? Wherein I showed you how unfair it is na nag IPO ang CHP sa 10.75 pesos noong 2016 at ngayon they offered their shares as SRO sa halagang 1.54 pesos? Now, we will reverse the situation. I will teach you how to take back what is rightfully yours!Power to the people! Hahaha.

A dividend is a reward for shareholders. Technically, anybody who owns a share of a company bago ex-date is entitled for a dividend. This is where traders should come in. Investors hold their stock dahil they believe sa growth at sa future ng company. Stock traders buy and sell stock for profit. I will teach you how to use this in your benefit.

Let me first educate you sa dividend dates para lang matanggal ang ignorance. I really don’t like ignorance. Here:

To make it short ang dapat mo lang alalahanin or tandaan is ang EX-DATE. Kapag hawak mo ang stock bago ang EX-DATE may matatanggap ka na dividends. Ganun lang ka simple yun. You can sell your stock sa ex-date or after ex-date basta as long as hawak mo ito bago ex-date may matatanggap ka. Anybody na bumili ng stock sa ex-date or later walang matatanggap na dividends.

Dito ninyo makikita ang schedule ng dividends. 

Traders should buy a stock, get the dividends and let go of that stock. That is a legal loophole sa system kasi you can have as many dividends as you like in a year. Yung e cocomply mo lang naman is yung paghawak ng stock bago mag ex-date. It’s not actually a loophole I’m just saying that para cool ang dating. Saying that you found a loophole sa system makes traders feel “special.” We are all special like everyone else’.

I’m going to show you something that Im sure will blow your mind.

Take a second to relax.

Here we go.

What you have seen above is a trader’s dividend play.

What is a dividend play? Ito ay uri ng trade kung saan bibili ka ng mga stock na nagbibigay ng dividends for the sake na makakuha ka ng dividends at e bebenta mo rin after.

Kung naglagay ka ng 500,000 pesos sa random stock na nagbibgay ng dividends mula Jan 2019 until Dec 2019 mayroon kang 202,598 pesos na profit by the end of the year. Amazing di ba? The problem with this example is it could be a lucky trade or lucky year. Since ayaw ko ng mga ganun I went further and do the same dividend play three years before 2019.

Random dividend stock ito but may criteria. Una, kailangan hindi illiquid. ( kailangan mo mabenta din agad at ex-date or after ang stock so kailangan liquid ito) Pangalawa, buy a month prior sa ex-date. Hindi exactly a month but close to it. Pangatlo, benta mo ang stock sa opening sa ex-date. Lastly, go for large cap at yung may history ng malaking pagbagsak at or after ex-date ay iwasan mo.

We used 500,000 pesos to buy stock na nagbibigay dividends.Here are the results:

Sa dividend play you have two chances to earn at iisa lang ang chance mo na matalo. You can earn kapag nabili mo ang stock sa baba at umangat ito. You can also earn sa ibibigay nito na cash. Ang magiging loss mo lang dito is kapag bumagsak ang stock price but then mababawasan din ang loss mo dahil may matatanggap ka na dividends.

A lot of gurus are also reading my blog and trying to copy my content. Kapag after nito may mga blogs or youtube videos kayo makita na similar alam ninyo na kung saan nanggaling yun.

I urge yo to try it. Do not just take my word for it. Eh try ninyo and judge by the result you will have. I made this blog para sa mga traders/investors na ang tanging pakay ay ma e grow ang pera nila through stock market.

Now let me answer the question i asked sa taas. Paano yumaman sa stock market? Easy. You sell courses/trainings about paano yumaman sa stock market.

Here are my trades:

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