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Pitchfork (Satan’s Tool)

February 16, 2019 

Some call this Satan’s Tool. Catchy naman pero pitchfork na lang muna para simple.

Pitchfork can be applied to all time frames, and generally to every kind of market. No matter your trading style or preferred time frame, you’re covered. Pero for sake ng discussion day timeframe lang gamitin ko.

Ok yung pitchfork binubuo ng median, 1st resistance, second resistance, first support at second support.

So una sa lahat hanap kayo ng mga nagdowntrend na stock na nakahanap na ng bottom or ngreverse na.

Hanapin ninyo dulo ng downtrend. Yung unang high after ng downtrend at yung unang low after ng high. Complicated basahin noh? Hahaha. Matatawa kayo kung gaano ka simple kapag nakita na ninyo ang chart examples.

Yung general rule lang is this.
Buy near second support at sell near median. Cutloss kapag bumalik at nabreak ang second support.

Buy above median at sell near second resistance. cutloss kapag bumalik at nbreak ang median.

Buy above second resistance hold if tumaas pa. Cutloss kapag bumalik at nbreak ang second resistance. Safe buys are sa second candle after mabreak yung median or second resistance or after magbounce or umapak sa second support.

If you just read this as text malilito ka but kapag view mo ang chart you will laugh how easy it is.

Ok, eto yung type ng indicator/strategy/tool na marami ma iimpress sayo kapag e post mo sa ibang groups kasi it appears really complicated. You can try posting a chart with satan’s tool sa ibang group. Ok so just take ur time at e absorb.

Read it. Learn from it. Practice. Use it. Thank you sa lahat pala ng member. Sa mga nagtatanong. Sa mga sumasagot ng tanong. Sa ngpopost ng analysis. Nagpopost ng news at info. Thank you for making this your group. I hope you all stay active. 


  • Eva

    Thank you for all the efforts….I’m always using MAMA but recently only i get to read/watch all your blogs/youtube and it’s so overwhelming na maraming indicators na can help you one way or another if you will really set a time to learn. You are such an amazing person by doing all these, you may not get anything in return (financially I suppose :)……but mind you God is watching and will bless you and I know HE will in different ways you can’t imagine!

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