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You thought Calata was the worst then BW Scandal came along. You thought BW Scandal was the worst?

Let me give you one last warning. Stop reading now while you still can dahil beyond this line, THERE IS NO TURNING BACK!


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Something that seems very good when it is first received, but in fact does great harm to the person who receives it.

TRC employs peso cost averaging method. They celebrate and buy more when market is red. When there is crisis they don’t panic instead they buy more.

Yes they really do that. As a matter of fact it is one of their rules.


If you can recall our market crashed. TRC members received an email that says AS LONG AS YOU DON’T SELL YOU WILL BE OK.

That was a good message para maging calm ang mga members. Besides ayon sa rule number 2 kapag may crisis they should buy more. Kahit anong mangyare SAM strategy will work. Super gloriously astounding system ang SAM as per Bo.


All of a sudden as market is crashing TRC members received this update.


TRC members (who were at loss since peso cost averaging gamit nila) were told to sell their stocks at a loss. They call cutting their losses as SWITCH STRATEGY!



TRC Members believed that cutting losses is called SWITCH!

Most of TRC members are at loss. That’s a fact. When they were told to “SWITCH”…

Wait… let me get it all out of my system… They call cutting their losses SWITCH STRATEGY!

TRC members were told dati na they will retire rich. If I remembered correctly the term used was retire millionaires. Most of them are at loss pa and they were told to switch. What happened sa panahon ng crisis they enjoy and they buy more? What happened sa gloriously astounding system. Making members switch is admitting that SAM strategy don’t work! Paano na yung mga magreretire ngayon na nasa at loss?


If you go sa website ng TRC ito makikita mo na testimonials.


Yung reality  ay eto.

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  • Lj Reyes

    Well if we believed in God, God will always be on the right side. If Bo has any wrong doing and using God in it well we all know where he will go. Wala naman yan pinagkaiba sa ibang christian groups na you are giving 10% of your monthly salary or in Catholic churches na you are giving 10, 20, 30 or 100 pesos every Sunday or magbigay ng barya sa mga bulag na tumutugtog sa kalye knowing na hawak naman sila ng sindikato. God is your witness, Bo are having his missionary works, orphanages, etc. so in part para ka na din kasama sa tinutulugan nila and enjoy your 100K php life insurance as a member. We will never kung may kickback siya sa mga ito but just as I said, God is your witness.

  • Eli Soriano

    These screenshots of Facebook users testifying against TRC na kasama mo sa posts, do you have any links to dem? I just wanna make sure they are real comments and NOT EDITS. Also, if they are real people unlike your fake facebook account “StarFire Trader”.

    • Gandakoh

      Those testimonies are 100% accurate. Starfire Trader is not me. She is one of my GUT students. I have emails of trc members and ex trc members as proof as well as comments they made when this issue was brought up. Our goal is to help our fellow Filipino Stock Traders avoid people who milk them for their hard-earned money. We help traders for free. All things written here are backed by proof at data.

  • rOVIL

    Marami ako nakikita o marami ako masasabi na negatibo tungkol sa kanya, but God see’s us more than as I do . . . Understand him anyway . . .

    Not far then Gods will reign and punished the person who’s intention is hidden and doing evil in many ways.

    Sa ngaun mahirap maintindihan ang mga bagay. pero dadating ang araw na ang lahat ay baliwala na at masnanaisin mo na unawain nalang ang lahat kaysa sa ito ay labanan.

    God is at work . . . Hindi magtatagal kung meron siya nagawa MALI . . . matatanggap niya ang nararapat katumbas ng kanyang nagawa . . .

    At ito na yun ang simula nang resulta ng kanyang mga nagawang maaring MALI sa iba at maaaring siya din ay biktima masasabi ng mga pangyayari.

    Mahirap sumagot sa matanda, lalo na kung ito magulang mo . . . (meron tama paraan ng pagsagot pero kung ang emosyon ang mangingibabaw hindi ito magagawang tama). . . Subalit kung ito ang paraan para maging malaya masabi kung anu ang nakatagong TAMA na mahirap mabigkas dahil sa kultura o kaugalian kinalakihan, siguro dito na ito magsisimula at magtatapos. pero pakiusap ko huwag naman gawin scapegoat.

    Ang Diyos ay laging nasa tamang panig kahit minsan hindi ito pumalya.

    ” coin has 2 head but God uses his HEART instead . . .” SMILE


  • Icko Sai

    Yikes!… naisip ko pa naman sumali sa TRC noon. Pero dahil sa kabusyhan ko sa work at sa kakuriputan ko (kasi namahalan talaga ako sa membership) kasi may bayad kaya di ko na tinuloy. Instead, nagself study na lang ginawa ko kasi ang dami naman ng informational video sa YT. You just really need to do your diligence and research.

    Syempre at first, marami pa kong sablay and minsan nakikinig pa ko sa mga hypes kasi COL users (char!). Hanggang sa nakikita ko nagnenegative unti-unti yung mga stocks ko sa port. I was like, anong mali ko. And then I came across a group called Trader’s Lounge and gained a lot of learning. Since then, unti unti na kong natututo mag trade and set the right disciplines.

    It was really a life changing for me. Ngayon marunong na kong magcut loss ng walang regrets. Yung move on agad tas bawi na lang ulet sa ibang trade.

    Thanks TL! Marami kayong natulungan. 🙂

  • Ann

    Yan ang pinakamasakit na reality na you trusted the person so much because he has a good reputation but look, what happen now? more people give the 100% trust to him in dealing money coz he Mr. Bo is preaching God so i think not only me who trusted him so well but for millions of people.. May God bless him!
    Love u TL!❤️


    I once a member in 2017 for few months. Nag leave ako sa group kasi madami din mga di pagkakaunawaan sa group sila sila din away away. Pati yung suppose to be moderator ay inaway na nya din yung ibang ka member nila.

  • John Angelo Riva

    Wow! My mind is blowing. Yung antok na antok kana kasi 2am muna nabasa to a nong nabasa muna bigla nawala yung antok mo at kung sumali ka sa trc at iniimagine ko parang gumuho ang mundo ko dito. Thanks gandakoh you are an extra ordinary. The best!

    • Julie

      Muntik din akong sumali sa TRC nuon since ung mga youtube videos ng TRC ang mga una kong napanood when I started my trading journey and masipag din magpadala ng email to subscribe buti nlng di ako pumatol. Thanks for all this revelations ma’am Gandako.

  • Moira

    Bo Sanchez is a clown. I never liked his ways, except God. I love God.

    If it sounds so good to be true, take a step back. Do a thorough research and think twice before investing your hard-earned money. Be smarter than a scammer. Better yet, think like a scammer.

    • Eli

      LMAO, then how can you trust him even with God? It’s obvious that he’s using the religion for his own gains.

  • Alvin

    Objectively feeling ko mas worse pa rin yung ginawa ng Calata and BW. Dito they’re playing by the rules of the game, it’s just that super palpak strategy nila. Dun sa Calata nd BW, they are rigging the game itself, destroying the integrity of the playing field.

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