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Regardless Of The Result

Have you watched the Chinese Bamboo Tree Story sa youtube? It is a good motivational video. Its about planting a bamboo tree and nurturing it for five tears without seeing any result and then on the fifth year it just grow so fast and so tall. If you have not watched it yet go and watch it.

I’m still in Hong Kong. Sumakay kami ng sister ko sa cable car papunta sa isang parang island.

I told you kahapon na I stick to my strategy. My trades are all about me executing my strategy. Ke MAMA man yan or TITA or FISHBALL. Its not about gains or losses for me anymore. Its about na execute ko ba strategy ko or hindi. If naexecute ko at nag end up sa loss Im happy with it kasi I gained disiplina. If naexecute ko at nag gain Im happy again not sa gain but sa disiplina.

I showed you my first trade this year. Sa di nabasa previous post ko here is my first trade this year kahapon.

Here is the result today.

Stick to your strategy regardless of the result. Minsan kasi success doesn’t come as fast as we want it to. Minsan parang chinese bamboo tree.

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    One thing i’m so thankful for GK na instill sakin in trading is yung discipline and respect on the entry and exit nung mga strategies na tinuturo. I know I still have so much to learn but i’m just so proud of what i’ve become. So much better now unlike before TD! haha

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