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Saan ka nagkamali?

February 9, 2020

When I ask traders ano biggest mistake mo they usually answer nahype sila. Bihira sumasagot na dahil panget trading system nila.

That’s the point na most of you are missing. You keep searching for a better strategy. The more complicated it looks the better u think it performs. Hindi po ganun. The simpler it is the better. You spend a lot of time mixing and matching indicators. You spend a lot of time trying to perfect a system.
Listen to me. Stop that. Choose a simple trading strategy. Spend the rest of ur time looking for ways to improve yung disiplina ninyo. Staying out sa market before EOD if wala kayo hawak will save u a lot of losses. Staying out sa,market bago EOD is a hard thing to do.
Not looking back after selling will save u a lot of losses. Not looking back after selling is a hard thing to do. Focusing lang sa hawak mo na stock sa trading hour is a great way to avoid hype at fomo. It is a really hard thing to do.
So try to ponder on this…
Nandito ang TRADERS LOUNGE to guide you and to help you improve.

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  • IAN

    I’ve only used MAMA in few trades – so, I can say, na hindi ko pa ito namaster. 3 out of 4 trades – I gained. That made me happy. But then using this strategy made me realize na I still have a lot of work to do in honing my discipline in following this system. Hindi dahil sa nag-gain na ako, marunong na ako – building the discipline required in trading is one of the most challenging thing pala na kailangang gawin.

    Challenging. Pero, happy – kasi I’m learning how to be a better trader.

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