It’s Sunday… Let’s all chill and relax.

While you are relaxing watch this. This is how some gurus try to sell you their paid seminars…


  • Neanja

    Hahhahha..ang onti lang ng views pero nakakatawa..hahahahahah..
    Paseg-way ng advertisment ng guru gurus..

  • Dee

    Tinitira ba nila si Tim Robbins ditto? lol. Nakakamiss ‘yung laughing effect sa background kapag may punchline na.
    “I only lie when I’m trying to show people how honest I am.” THIS!!! LOL.

  • Adriane

    I know an author named Robbins. He writes a lot of self help books and does expensive seminars. He’s the one that pops up in my mind while watching this. This made me laugh . Thank you for this, MissGK.

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