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Tanga ang pinoy traders


“Tanga ang pinoy traders”  if napansin ninyo walang punctuation.
I wrote it that way para sa mga walang passwords. Yan lang mababasa nila. It’s actually a question. Tanga ang pinoy traders? We will try to answer that today.
I posted a question sa TL.
There are 193 answers. 22 answered B, 40 answered A while 148 answered C.


The correct answer is A. Let me tell you why.


Maria’s marital status is irrelevant to the answer. If she is married, then a married person is looking at an unmarried person (Maria is looking at Jose), and if she isn’t, a married person is looking at an unmarried person (Pedro is looking at Maria).
67.4% answered C which is cannot be determined.
Why is this question so tricky?
It is because it appears to give you insufficient information. Maria’s marital status is not known, nor can it be determined, and so you make the inference that the question posed cannot be determined.


Today’s puzzle really belongs more to psychology than it does to mathematics or logic, as it is about the lazy assumptions we make, rather than whether or not we have the ability to solve the question.


Yet the reasoning that is used – that in order to solve something we need to consider all possibilities without knowing which is true – is frequently used in maths.


The correct answer is A. Here is how to think it through logically:
Maria is the only person whose marital status is unknown. You need to consider both possibilities, either married or unmarried, to determine whether you have enough information to draw a conclusion. If Maria is married, the answer is A: she would be the married person who is looking at an unmarried person (Jose). If Maria is not married, the answer is still A: in this case, Pedro is the married person, and he is looking at Maria, the unmarried person. 
This thought process is called fully disjunctive reasoning—reasoning that considers all possibilities. The fact that the problem does not reveal whether Maria is or is not married suggests to people that they do not have enough information, and they make the easiest inference (C) without thinking through all the possibilities.


If you answered A, congratulations kasi you belong sa smartest member ng TL. The rest of the members magkakaroon pa kayo ng chance to answer a question soon.
Now, bakit ko ito tinanong? I will tell you why. 


Most newbie traders even some traders na ngtitrade na ng matagal look at trading systems this way.


They go to a seminar or mentorship then bibigyan sila strategy and they will blindly follow it.


Just like sa tanong. As soon as they see na parang it dont make sense ang tanong sagot agad ng C.


The proper approach is to lay down all possibilities. What if married si Maria ano mangyayare? What if hindi siya married ano outcome?


Sa trading ganyan.din dapat. Back test your strategy.
"Ema9 break ang strategy ko." 
Ok, nabacktest mo ba yan?How many ema9 na successful at how many ema9 na nagfail meron sa loob ng year 2016?2017?
"Ema at rsi 50 cross yung sakin" 
Nabacktest mo ba yan?


This is where inaangat or tinatry namin e angat level ng kaalaman ng traders sa TL.


Let me tell you how did we come up sa mga strategies like mama, fishball, tita,etc. Sa TL.



MAMA used to be MA5 breakout. It was backtested. Results were not okay. Dinagdag si rsi. It was good but still too slow. It was changed to EMA5 with RSI but it was too fast kaya laging fake out. Rsi was removed. Pinalitan ng slower na MACD. It was better but still not best. Then ALMA came into action. EMA5 was replaced by ALMA then coupled with MACD. Backtested on different years with different time frame. Success were counted and compared to failed ones. Added risk to filter it or lessen yung failure. Backtested again. Tested it with different time sa trading. Found na EOD best buying. Approached some traders na forte ang psychology. Developed Cardinal rules around it.
Presented sa mga veteran technicians sa trading. Nagkaroon ng problem sa mga manipulation na tactics. Binalik sa simula. Backtested against manipulation. Discovered na dapat out sa market if walang hawak para iwas pre open. 
Improved cardinal rules. After exit no looking back para iwas seller's remorse.
Chart ang focused so iwas padding at walling victim.
Then it was used successfully for years.


I wont dig down sa iba pang strategy kasi hahaba ang blog. Let me go back sa point ng blog.
As a trader you must learn maging smart sa gamit mo na strategy. Whatever it is or whatever fits you. If fibonacci retracement gamit mo with rsi go backtest the hell out of it.
This way you will see things na di mo nakikita noon sa system mo. That’s how you improve.
If kilala ninyo ang GUT they backtested MAMA. Let me share with you some of their work.




Those are just examples kasi if isa isahin ko kukulangin ang isang blog.


Traditional IQ tests miss some of the most important aspects of real-world decision making. It is possible to test high in IQ yet to suffer from the logical-thought defect known as dysrationalia. One cause of dysrationalia is that people tend to be cognitive misers, meaning that they take the easy way out when trying to solve problems, often leading to solutions that are wrong. Another cause of dysrationalia is the mindware gap, which occurs when people lack the specific knowledge, rules and strategies needed to think rationally.


Now, sa tanong na if tanga ba ang pinoy stock trader? My answer is no. Pinoy traders are one of the smartest traders sa mundo. All they need is guidance. Kaya sa TL we strive hard para ma e angat ang kaalaman ng mga traders.


We are a family sa Traders Lounge. We make each one better. We take care of one another sa loob. If marami kaming kita we share it sa brothers and sisters namin through contest. My blog post at videos are dedicated sa TL family ko. If hindi ka kabilang samin all we can say is….. APPLES!

If you want to learn more about stock trading join our Facebook Group called Trader’s Lounge

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We also have weekly lessons over there. We created different trading strategies like MAMA which made a lot of traders profitable. Other trading strategies include FISHBALL, PAPA, CALMA and more. We want to offer OFW’s, Employees and all Filipino people a chance to learn without paying a cent. 

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