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Theory of Halves

May 12, 2019

Education is about choices and individual responsibility. Here is Calatrello’s Highly Unscientific Theory of Halves: A Primer for Student Success.
Choose to go to class. Approximately half of the students enrolled in a class choose not to attend. By choosing to go to class, you are immediately in the top half of your class. Please note, all that was necessary was to get to class (on-time) every day.
Choose to pay attention in class. Of the students who make it to class, at least half choose to daydream, sleep, read the paper, eat, drink, play on cell phones, Facebook, etc. By choosing to pay attention, you are now numbered in the top quarter of your class. Once again, this advanced ranking is relatively easy to achieve.
Choose to be prepared for class. Of the students who attend class and pay attention, only about half choose to prepare/read for the day’s class. So, by attending class, paying attention, and being prepared, you are now in the top eighth of students in your class.
Choose to participate in class. Of the students who attend class, pay attention, and are prepared, only about half will engage the material and choose to participate with the professor. By doing this, you are now in about the top five percent of students in a class.
You don’t have to be the brightest or most intelligent student in the class to follow these four steps and be successful in your coursework. Of course, you are going to have to do other things like study and perhaps say “no” to activities that distract you from preparing for class. Hard work is part of college. There is a Greek proverb that applies to academics as well as life, “whatever is good to know is difficult to learn.”
Ok yan ang theory of halves….
Let me talk about one thing na tinatago nila sa inyo. If position trader ka. “Long term” trader or trend follower. You must have at least 12 months of expenses na nakasave or nakatago. Sample 10k expenses mo per month need m 120k nka set aside pwera pa sa capital m sa trades. Why? Para sa psych mo. Di ka kakbahan magcut. Di ka depressed after losing streaks. Me patience ka etc. Swing traders half nun meaning 6 months worth of expenses need mo bago magstart trade. Day traders half nun meaning 3 months worth of expenses. Eto reason bakit mabilis kmi magcut at di too emotional ksi covered expenses.
Don’t believe me agad. Try nyo and ur trades will be different. Real-life to at di theory. Wala sa seminar o sa books.

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