tita trading strategy

TITA Strategy

Plot mo rsi sa chart. Adjust upper limit sa 55. Adjust lower limit sa 50. Plot alma.

Two entries dito.

First entry is when rsi na galing sa baba at umakyat then nbreak nya 50 at the same time candle breaks alma as resistance. Yun ang buy nyo. Yung sell naman is when candle breaks alma as support.

Second entry. Let’s say malakas tlaga ang stock. It breaks rsi55. Ang second entry is sa break ng 55 rsi while candle is above alma or kakabreak lng alma. If kakabreak lang ok. If above ok din. Sell is when candle breaks alma as support.

Yung mahilig dati sa RSI 50 pero lagi whipsaw eto yung ngcorrect ng mali ninyo.

Study it. Back test it. Use it.

I love you. I will keep on helping you for free.

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  • Meanne

    Hi, i’m also a newbie question lang in choosing a stock for this strategy do i need to consider the volume of the stock when buying? is it okay if the range of the volume is at 300k or need to choose a stock with a volume of 1M?

    Thank you Ms. G!

  • Leo Lubay

    Thanks maam Gandakoh, unti unti ako natututo s stock trading. gaya ng palagi mo sinasabi. keep on learning lang. wag madaliin. Hindi nauubusan ng opportunity sa stock market. ang mahalaga may knowledge ka sa pinapasok mo.
    God bless po sa lahat

  • Wylde Man

    Thank you sooo much! As a newbie these things helped me alot how to have good strategy/ies to use in the market and not just by stocks blindly. Nakahanap din ng magtuturo talaga sa amin. Salamat and Godbless! Hopefully i can execute these strategies well in the market.

  • Someity

    Hello Ms. GandaKoh,

    First of all, thank you for your free trading contents.
    Thank you for explaining things as simple as possible so that newbies can grasp the concept of the available indicators etc.

    I just have a question regarding TITA strategy; In your RSI blog, you mentioned the difference of the overbought and oversold levels in a bearish and bullish environment.

    Bullish: OB – 80 to 90, OS – 40 to 50
    Bearish: OB – 55 to 65, OS – 20 to 30

    Given this scenario, should there be an adjustment of the RSI entry criteria when the market is bearish?
    I am thinking that if we use 50 and 55 as RSI entry in a bearish environment, we are already buying stocks at an overbought level.

    Appreciate your thoughts.
    Once again thank you.


    • Dee

      Hi, this is a very good question. I was thinking that TITA was designed in a bullish market kasi. Since sa bearish market, which is happening now, halos di magtagal ng 3 days ‘yung mga pasok sa TITA and mostly walang tumatagos sa RSI 55. But I hope Miss Gandakoh, take some time to answer your question, too.

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