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TP (Target Price)

What is TP? Target Price. A certain price where you would likely sell or take profit. TP are for noobs. It’s a myth. It don’t exist. Our market moves in random. TP is a fixed price. You can’t use a fixed price or rule on a random moving market as they say. Take for example the first picture. A trader bought ISM and went on and made his TP1 and TP2. Well, ISM did not reach that trader’s TP. Sad part is that trader is at loss right now. Target price na uso ito before noong nagkaroon ng mga newsletter at subscription services ang mga mentor/guru. They want their clients/students to have certain target price para naman matuwa ang mga ito at maimagine ang possibilities sa pag grow ng pera nila.

Imagine yung buy below price mosa PHA is 0.8 pesos at yung TP is nasa 1.8 pesos pa. Wow! More than 100% profit yun. Feels nice just thinking bout it.

Kung walang TP e anu ang meron? Ok, so there are moving averages indicators like ALMA. The last picture is VITA chart. The trader used ALMA for entry and ALMA for exit. If the trade went well at di mabreak ang ALMA nya that trader would hold on to the stock. Kahit umabot 10 pesos yan as long as di nabreak ang alma e hohold nya yan kahit lagpas TP pa ng ibang trader pero nbreak so napabenta sya.

Sorry to burst your TP bubble.

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