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February 10, 2020

I normally don’t show the name of the stocks I trade dahil I learned from experience na may mga traders na bibilhin din kung ano meron ako at kapag nag go against sa kanila ang trade ay di marunong magcut then ako sisisihin. So I stopped doing it. This is the one time I will show you just to drive a point. Fishball Strategy.
I used Fishball Strategy ky ANI. It will make you wonder…. what pushed ANI up?Was it me?Was it the strategy?Mga insti ba¬†fishball gamit?NOOOOO!

You need to understand what a trading strategy really is. Here is an analogy to simplify it.
Lets use stars. Ang pag appear ng star sa gabi is the stock going up. Ang pagkawala ng star is the stock going down. Your strategy is a telescope. The telescope does not make stars disappear or appear. Ang telescope will only let you see if nag aappear ang star or pa disappear na. Sa case ni ANI I did not know what will happen after I buy but…..
This is a big but….

But I know what to do kung ano mn mangyare after I buy. Game of probabilities. My exit is cross. If it happens I go out. It does not matter if umakyat pa 100000000% si ANI after.
You should look at the trading strategy this way. It will humble you. It will make you objective.

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