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Trick and Tactics: EVIL (Full Blog)

For you to fully understand paano kayo niloloko I need to bring you to the same mindset at the same level ng mga nanloloko sa inyo.

Today, something in you will die yet something in you will be born. To do that, I need you to be evil.

Sa trading community napapalibutan tayo ng mga taong may mga evil intentions. They made a living of scamming traders using this method for years. Today, that shit will end.

Let me teach you what 90% if gurus do.

First, you need a col account. It does not matter magkano laman. Just have an account. Next, do this:














































WATCH THESE VIDEOS to see for yourself: (These videos are unlisted, and for TL family members only

  1. PAANO PUMEKE ng PORT kahit naka VIDEO?


“Eh ikaw mam gandakoh di ba nagpopost ka din port snap?”

Yes. I never faked any port snap I posted but me saying that is not really a good argument.

So lets approach it with facts.

Una, hindi ako nagpapaseminar or nagpapabayad so why would I need to fake anything.
“Para sumikat ka at maraming umidolo”
Well, I was the number 1 author sa investa dati yet nung nagpabayad na sila I left. I’m not motivated by fame at praises. That is true but then again that’s not enough reason to support an argument. Let me use facts instead. Nobody respect me dahil sa posted port snap ko. My TL family is not dumb like that. They respect and admire me for the free help I offer. I don’t impress anyone sa gains. I impress them when they start using my free trading strategies at kumita sila.
As a matter of fact after this lockdown at mabilhan ko car father ko mula sa naipon ko na kita sa trades, none of my TL family would care so much. But if I help them with giving new ideas at strategies then they would care kase that brings value sa life nila.
Now, going back sa evil blog na to.

I know na some of you might use this knowledge to fool others but I needed to do this blog. I needed to reveal what scammers do or use and hope na hindi kayo mabiktima.

I know din na maraming guru aatake sakin after neto. I made an objective review about the trading code na book and their publisher sent me a threatening email. You can read about the whole story sa blog post ko na may title EXPOSED. That move was so funny. I mean, if you are selling a trading code book way back 2013 and its 2020 now and you are still selling it maybe a lot of people will realize na whatever you are selling is not really working out well for you.

This blog post will change our community. It should. Now, lahat na kayo alam paano mag edit port so when you see someone posting a port or a snap shot of a port and they offer a seminar, mentorship or subs. You already know what they are trying to do. To save some of your brothers just comment apples if you see things like that.

To end this blog, here is a Traders Lounge challenge.

To show support sa family natin and to show na woke na kayo dahil nabasa ninyo ito. I challenge you to edit your port with millions and post it sa mga facebook group at investagrams with a hashtag #imblessed or #bearmarketisnotreal

I will make a post inside Traders Lounge about TL challenge at doon ninyo e post sa comments ang mga screenshot ng post ninyo about edited port sa ibang facebook groups at investagrams.

Next trick and tactics blog topic is Conspiracy ng mga Brokers. Stay tuned.

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  • Luis Fernandez

    Tnx mam Gandakoh hindi na aq maiinggit s gains nila n 6 digits n edited naman pala. More power mam !!!!!

  • jan

    ma’am ganda koh, not found na po yung EXPOSED na blog. Dinelete niyo po ba yung blog? I tried a couple of times na po to look for it pero di ko makita

    • Marc Sistona Godes

      Napapanahon na dapat ituro sa mga kababayang pilipino ang financial protection kaysa sa financial literacy!

      P. S.
      Tama! I follow and support TL lounge dahil sa free learnings at mga tips, hindi dahil sa mga port gains snap ni madam gandakoh. Mabuhay ang Trader’s Lounge…

  • Fhoebe Pataray

    Pano ako to edit, bdo nomura pa gamit hahhahaa 🙂 planning to apply for a better broker after lockdown, pero grabe evil moves nga! And who will dare to help newbies this way? Delikado tlaga kc madame mababangga but here we are, super #blessed by you Mam Ganda! Thank you so so much po! You’re the best!!!!

  • Alex Abalos Lisondra

    Thank you ng marami ms Ganda… it’s a Big eye opener sa aming mga newbie itong inexpose mo.. Now we are on the stage of Tightening our Guard against those GURU’s kuno… expect APPLES comments be seen on those posts on Group pages showing High ports… once again Thanks ng marami… u got us on ur back to support u ol d way God Bless u more n more n more

  • Al Macapinlac

    – driven by malice, people will find ways to achieve their (malicious) ends. the saying caveat emptor still holds true.

    – on the practical side, “inspect element” is a nifty trick. puede kayang casuhan ng cybercrime, since e-manipulation with intention to defraud (deceive)?

  • Bluejeans

    Matagal na kalakaran yan… dont know how to do it but i dont need this.. i really support and love TL group kahit napapansin ko may moderator na malakas mag trip. Blocked agad kahit wala investigation and further asking sa taong iba-blocked nya… anyways, i still love Ms. Gandah Koh for her mission.. i hope by writing this comment magising ang ibang moderator sa way ng pag block nila…
    victim din ako ng mga scaminar kaya i always follow TL group..

  • Ricardo cabacungan

    ang galing mo po talaga madam… ang taas po ng respeto ko sa mga katulad nyo…. feeling ko mahal ko na po kyo….. Godbless po & more power…

    • Jonahkun

      Masyadong mahal ang seminars nila. Eh million naman pala kitaan nila per trades bakit pa masyadong mahal offer nila. Scaminar pala talaga

  • Vincent Gem Molina

    Nakita ko na to sa COL FB group page nung nag.sagotan yung isang guru at isang member ata yun ng TL, at don ko nakilala ang pangalang Ganda koh,.

    • July Espiritu

      You are a blessings to all the newbies and traders that want to learn and polish their skills in terms of Trading in the stock market!
      Sana hindi kayo magsawang tumulong po sa amin. Appreciate your tireless effort Gandakoh!

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