stock trading tricks and tactics
Tricks and Tactics


I will be making an exclusive blogs about some of the tricks and tactics used by a lot of trader sa trading ngayon. These series of blogs will only be available to Trader’s Lounge Facebook Group members but I will try to give you all a peek.

I will first demonstrate how it is done then I will tell you how to spot and avoid it.

Hyping a stock. What is it?Why do traders use it?How is it being done?How to avoid it?Let me forewarn you. I will be using strong words just for emphasis and so I could deliver my points across.

Newbies are idiots. They think stock market is fair.They think all stock traders believe in karma and will do the right things all the time.They are naive. They are wrong.

This can be done alone or together with some friends. 

1. Una sa lahat you buy a stock. Any stock na you like. Any stock na sa tingin mo tataas. Avoid bluechips kung maaari.

2. After buying a stock create multiple facebook accounts. Create ten or more. If 5 kayo magkakaibigan than would mean 50 or more accounts. Do not use troll names. Use ordinary names like Pedro Hidalgo or Jenny Fontanilla. Do not use anime characters as profile pictures but a real picture. Just grab it anywhere. Make your details private.

3. Add few friends but make sure not to add all of your newly created accounts as friends (avoid suspicion) Newbies are naive but not that dumb.

4. Create other accounts on other social media platform like Investagrams. Create 10 or more. To avoid having the same IP address use multiple devices like cp, tab, laptop as well as have your friends create several accounts.

Let us take ISM as an example. You bought ISM. Gusto mo kumita. How will you do it using hype? Ganito.

Let all your accounts sa Facebook including your friends join stock trading Facebook groups like Col Financial, Tsupiteros, Traders Apprentice, Money Growers, Traders Empire at kung ano ano pa. After joining post something related ky ISM. Maybe start with a question “aakyat pa kaya si ISM?” Those are friendly questions. Those type of post usually gets answers.

After mo post niyan use one of your other account and reply. “Hodl lang at aakyat yan. Magkano average mo tol?”

Reply with absurd average like 3 pesos kahit pa kakabili mo lang ky ISM sa 1.5 to get little sympathy sa losses.

Tell your other friends to like your post and reply words such as “bodega tayo jan par surebol yan”

Let some say “balita ko nga nilalakad na ni Dennis Uy mapadali ang process. Kapag ngkataon lagpas 10 pesos to”

Remember you are making it look na ISM is a great stock bound to go up. You are making a show. Give your best performance.

Go to google type ISM.

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Pick the latest news then post it sa different facebook trading groups. Like this.

Use some convincing words sa posts mo.

Use one of your accounts and comments on the news words like “etooooo na!!!”

Let your friend follow up with words like “thank god mbabawe ko na loss ko”

To make it more convincing say things like “makikita ng basher na umakyat si ISM hahabol mga yun”

Sabay sagutin ng isa mo na account “Tol be humble lang tayo. Binibless ni Lord ang mga humble”

Make your conversation as realistic as possible. Ask one of your account some questions like “ano average mo?” Or “ilan shares hawak mo”

Answer random numbers.

Do not forget to like the post para mag appear sa taas ng group feed.

Now after mo yan gawin go to investagrams. Do the same thing.Post things regarding ISM.Post questions like “bakit maraming poren bumibili ky ISM?”


Try to make a show. Get sympathy. Kalabanin mo kunyare mga bashers. If walang bashers use one of your ten accounts sa investa or account ng friend mo at e bash si ISM.

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If time permits mag mag away kayo para mgtrending. Use your other accounts to post things like this.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20200331_2132221111236882711638146.jpg

Try to post “good news” kasi that always get the fools.

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Use your other accounts na sumagot sa post mo.
Say things like “yan usapan sa gc namin” or “ang saya naman. YES!!!”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20200331_2142387942357914535547163.jpg

Next ito gawin mo. Pag angat ni ISM benta mo shares mo. Sabay delete mo mga post mo to not leave a trace at mgrelax knowing na you earned some money while ipit ang mga na hype. They are idiots in the first place bakit sila ngpahype. They dony deserve na hawakan pera nila. They dont know what they are doing. Their money is better off in your pocket.

Do this in any stock except blue chips since it has close to zero effect. Do this sa TECH. Do this sa EURO. Do this sa MAH. Do this sa FNI. Do this sa DD. Any stock.

Why do people do this? Because they can. There is no ethics or poetic justice sa trading. People do this dahil it has been a proven tactic. They do it dahil it works.

How to avoid this? Dalawang bagay pwede mo gawin. Una, avoid groups na laganap ang hyping. Pangalawa, develop a system. Most MAMA users especially GUT dont pay attention sa post ng iba. They dont care sa opinion ng iba kaya no matter what type of hype di sila affected. They will only buy pag may buy signal at sell pag may sell signal. If you have a trading system at finafollow mo strictly, other trader’s opinion will not matter much.

If you see someone doing this or if you see someone hyping a stock comment the word "APPLES" to let other TL traders reading the hype post know na hype siya at mag ingat. Its going to be our little secret code. Pag my hype post comment APPLES. If you see a comment na APPLES alam na ninyo na hype yun at iwasan ninyo.

Next Trick and Tactics topic will be PRE-OPEN MOVES. Stay tuned. We will post the password sa TL once ready na ang blog.


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