Tricks And Tactics: Paano Gulangan Ang Mga VWAP Users


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As good as vwap is may limitation pa rin kase nga you are getting the average pa din. Despite cumulative siya pero you are getting the average pa rin. That was also a problem sa mga insti noon kase to find out saan concentration ng buys at sells they need the exact price.

Siyempre they figured out a way to get it. Let me introduce you sa Price Distribution.


Sa price distribution makikita mo ang SPECIFIC price kung saan may pinakamaraming buyers at may pinakamaraming sellers.

Makikita mo dito ano volume sa bawat price. Makikita mo anong presyo ang lahat nagbilihan if breakout. Makikita mo rin sa anong price nagbentahan if sell down.

Hindi inaaverage at hindi ini-estimate. Pinapakita mismo kung saan ang specific na price.


I understand na hindi lahat ng brokers ay may ganitong feature. Mytrade meron sila nito. If ang broker mo ay may ganitong feature dapat gamitin at abusuhin mo. Use it like you use vwap but this one eh mas specific ang price kase si VWAP average lang kinukuha niya. Malapit but hindi bullseye.

To further understand, here is a video.

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