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Tricks and Tactics:INSIDER/NEWSLETTER (Full Blog)

Here is a confession. I am an insider. I am connected with a lot of PSE officials.I will give you an example of my inside knowledge about the market. Let us talk about last Friday.

Last Friday foreign unloads 83.6 Million shares of BDO and 43.9 Million shares of Metrobank showing some level of distrust on bank related companies while foreign purchased 6.1 Million shares of Meralco showing confidence that the power company will thrive despite this Pandemic. CNPF also got some boost on foreign buying. 13.1 Million shares were exchanged in our financial sector totalling to a whooping 668 Million pesos.

Pizza was hit badly for foreign decided to unload some 560 Million shares on this stock last friday.

Last friday ended up with 70,224 number of trades with 211 number of traded issues. There were 98 advances with 74 declines.

TEL had a 73.3 Million block sale while AC had 22.8 Million. There was a 1.7 Billion foreign buying against 2.3 Billion foreign selling. Total foreign activity was 4.1 billion. Foreign decided to sell last friday with a net selling of 570 Million pesos.

Cirtech decided to push on its annual meeting. TECH is up over 60% this week. ATN was called out by CMIC for its unusual price movement by later on informed CMIC that there was no material information relating to the unusual move. CNPF’s income went up by 11 percent amid COVID-19 which explains the net foreign buy it has last Friday. BLOOM found their shares to be very cheap prompting them to do a 3.1M shares buy-back last Friday as part of the 120 Million shares buy-back they are planning to have. 8990 Holdings on the other hand suspended its share buy-back because of the effects of COVID-19 to its businesses. Their stock is currently down -10% this week. KPH’s chairman of the board Paul Lee retired. Who is capable enough to be his replacement? KPH is down -20% this week.

Ok, if you believe na I am an insider then you are an idiot. Idiots like you deserve to be fooled. You deserve to subscribe on my newsletter or my bulong or my insider tip for a fee.

It is so easy to prey on uninformed stock traders. You can sell them newsletter. Sell them picks and advice. Sell them tips. How will you do it? Let me show you.

This is how you appear to be an insider. First you create a newsletter for a cheap price say 1,000 or 2,000 pesos. You can also create a paid tip for a fee. Keep your fee small so you will attract a lot of idiots.

Next you go to PSE website.

You look for market reports. You download it. Get data from it. Create a sentence using those data. The more adjectives you use the better you sound. To add effects you can put out sentences like this for free.

“Certain stock has a foreign sell of 3.5 Million while this stock has a foreign buy of 3 Million. If you wanna know what stock are these, subscribe to me for this amount.”

After you downloaded market reports, you will see data na pwede mo lagyan flowery words just like what I did sa taas. BDO and MBT foreign sell is there all I need to do is create a nice sentence with it.

Meralco and CNPF data is there so all I need to do is isama sila sa sentence.

Same with PIZZA at yung data sa Financial Sector.

Dagdagan mo ng block sale data. Sabihin mo na rin number ng trades. Yung advance at decline para kapanipaniwala.

Pinaka importante sa lahat yung net foreign buy or sell para halatang may alam ka sa mga nangyayare.

Next punta ka sa weekly market watch.

Dito ka magmumukhang legit na insider.

Nakalagay dito mga top gainers at top losers kasama na mga diclosures nila if meron. Sample ky TECH sabihin mo lang up siya 60% this week sabay e mention mo ang latest disclosure.

Pumunta ka sa PSE edge. Nasa company announcement para hanapin ang disclosures.

Ganun din gawin mo ky ATN. Gandahan mo lang mga adjectives at ayusin ang sentence para legit na insider ang dating mo.

Do the same ky CNPF.

E-mention mo mga number ng buy-backs ni BLOOM para ka-panipaniwala na marami kang alam.

Create or describe ang nangyare ky 8990 holdings based sa disclosure niya and do the same ky KPH. Make it look good. Use adjectives. make it appear na marami kang inside info.

These are just examples. Napakarami pang stock at company na pwede mo isama sa newsletter mo. Easy money to. If may 1000 subscribers ka every month at sisingilin mo sila 1000 pesos. Easy 1 Million pesos ang income mo monthly. Walang kahirap hirap.

Ignorance lang ng traders capital mo. 1,000 pesos is nothing sa newbies kaya doon ka maningil.

Why do they do these? To earn money. If you are stupid enough to avail this, then you will be a victim.

How to avoid this? Educate yourself. Go to these websites for market reports and weekly market watch.



Most of the time, those who say they are insider are actually hyping a stock. Check this out know more about TRICKS AND TACTICS: HYPE.

If hindi niyo pa nare-realize, walang insider na nagsasabi na insider siya. It’s like commiting a murder and introducing yourself as a murderer. APPLES!

Next Trick and tactics blog will be about How to "jockey" a stock. See yah!

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