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How to turn your 20k into 2 Million? Tigil Trabaho At Magtrade Na Lang Ng Stocks (Trade for a Living)

Quit your job, stay at home with your family and enjoy your wealth through stock trading. Ang sarap isipin. All those free time. All those money you will make. Ohh…. The beauty of trading for a living…

When you resign on the job you hate

Trade for a living. Sawa ka na sa work. Gusto mo yumaman. Travel lang at post sa social media. Yan siguro tingin mo sa trading for a living noh?

This idea is what makes seminars about stock trading sell like hotcakes. They try to sell you “the dream”

“You learn how to trade. It is very easy. You buy at one pesos and sell at two pesos. Buy low, sell high. After w while you quit your job and live off your trades.” People who say this don’t even live off their own trades. They live off you who believe that the idea they sell is true.

“So trading for a living is just a dream?” NOPE! It is possible to trade for a living just as well as any high school student has the chance to become a doctor after they have studied the field for years and get the necessary licenses and trainings. It is possible but it is not as easy as it looks and surely you can’t do it within a year. That’s right. No es posible na ma experience mo at ma learn lahat sa loob ng isang taon. Anybody who tells you otherwise are either selling you something or hindi siya fulltime trader. Going through losses and learning from them is all part of the journey.

How to trade for a living?

OK, let me offend you with the truth.

99% of you think you want to trade for a living but the truth is you trade for the excitement. The feeling of winning. The joy in crushing your enemies. The high of being right. That’s why you show off gains and port snaps.

So how do we really achieve trading for a living?

Attending seminars wont give you that. Well, u get that “I can do this!” feeling kapag nandun ka but after that wala na. The guy/girl giving that seminar dont trade for a living himself/herself (kaya nga nagpapaseminar eh so bakit ka mag eexpect na matutulungan ka nya?) Common sense na lang. Year in year out sila nagpapaseminar. May tour pa sa ibang bansa. Sa tagal nila gumigimik ganyan di nyo man lang natanong sarili nyo ano result ng mga nauna? Mga umattend seminars one or two years ago ano na?

If naoffend ko kayo good. Truth yan.

Trading for a living. Lets go deep muna sa “living”.

What it means for u. Iba iba kasi tayo lifestyle at expenses. So if gusto mo magtrade for a living dapat ma identify mo magkano expenses mo sa isang buwan and magkano percent gain mo na consistent then derive a capital based on that.

Should you quit ur job to trade fulltime?HELL NO!! That’s being stupid. Keep your job. “Eh sawa na ako magtrabaho. Pagod na pagod na ako.”

99% ng ngtatrabaho pagod at sawang sawa na. Keep your job. I will explain it.

OFW ka, employee sa Pinas o may maliit na business/ self-employed. Keep mo yang source of income mo. What you should do is learn stock trading. Learn mo TA. Mula basic to advance. Develop a strategy. Test that strategy. If it works apply it in real trades with small amount. If u can win 6 out of ten trades trade with bigger amount. Do that until kapantay o sobra na sa income mo sa work or sa business ang kinikita mo sa trades. THATS THE TIME U QUIT WORK. THATS THE TIME YOU RESIGN.

Trade for a living.

Get a job or a business. Any source of income. Magsave ka while you learn trading. If gusto mo mapabilis pumunta ka Traders Lounge at magbasa Weekly Lessons doon since they are all free or hanapin mo sa youtube ang Traders Lounge and watch videos about trading. Maghanap ka isang strategy. Try MAMA sa Trader’s Lounge. Focus ka lang sa isang strategy. “Eh maam maganda kitaan sa breakout plays at ceiling plays” Trade for a living pinag uusapan at hindi chamba trades at mga galaw na di masustain sa long run.

Magsave ka, have a strategy, at eh back test mo. Keep saving money. Virtual trade mo ang strategy mo. Magtatagal ka dyan kasi marami ka malelearn. Cutloss, check emotions, disiplina. Etc. Using your strategy alone. No chamba. No hype. Bring your virtual port up 15%. It would take you some time. Depende sa growth mo. Keep saving. Kapag na e angat mo na virtual port mo. Trade using minimum amount. May 8k challenge sa Traders Lounge which most traders are doing now, e try mo. Your goal is to have 6 out of 10 winning trade. After nyan pwede ka na mglagay savings mo sa trade? Hindi pa. After nyan if nagawa mo na. You will enter a critical stage sa journey mo towards trading for a living. Analyze mo sarili mo. Expenses mo. Magkano gastos mo monthly. Kung magkano gastos mo monthly magsecure ka ng at least 6 months na pang gastos as emergency fund. E save mo yun mula sa sahod. Lagay mo sa bank. Kung meron ka na analyze mo ulit expenses mo. The lower it is the bigger chance mo mapadali trade for a living. (kunyare 30k expenses mo sa isang buwan. Sa pagtrade mo using 8k you found out na nakaka average ka 7% sa isang buwan give or take. Average kasi may mga down months ka. Lets just say 5% average mo on a 6-month trading. So, if 30k gastos mo at 5% average kita mo in a month. Need mo magsave minimum 600k para maka trade ka for a living. So by the time may 600k ka na. Full of experience ka na nun. Walang shortcut. It will take you some years but u will get there.

If na reach mo na give it three to six months na kumita ka 30k minimum a month then u can quit your job. By that time start na ng pag realize mo ng dreams mo. Freedom.

Thats the truth about trading for a living.

How to turn (insert low amount) into (insert high amount) is what a salesman use to lure you in. I don’t sell anything. My advocacy is free learning. I help traders for free. I’m a fulltime trader. I trade for a living and I have few business on the side which are all not related to trading. My goal is to educate and help traders on their trading journey for free. I have a Facebook group called Traders Lounge as well as a Youtube Channel. If you want free learnings you can visit us there.

Most gurus/mentors who claim na fultime trader sila are really not. They just exchange their day job with creating seminars, selling courses, mentorships or publishing books. I will not sugarcoat this. I will tell you the truth. If your goal is to become a fulltime trader the best way to achieve this is by having a job or a side job. You trade. You gain experience. You develop a strategy. You keep trading. You don’t quit sa job mo just yet. You wait until pumantay na ang kita mo sa trading at yung kita mo sa work. When that happens yan na ang time to quit or resign and focus on trading.

If you want to learn more about stock trading join our Facebook Group called Trader’s Lounge

Our advocacy is sharing ideas, experiences and knowledge to traders for FREE. We offer free Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis and Market Psychology learning materials for free. 

We also have weekly lessons over there. We created different trading strategies like MAMA which made a lot of traders profitable. Other trading strategies include FISHBALL, PAPA, CALMA and more. We want to offer OFW’s, Employees and all Filipino people a chance to learn without paying a cent. 

We also have a Youtube Channel wherein I myself discuss strategies and trading related topics. 

Come join us. Let us push free learning. 


  • Rosell

    Maaaaamm, thank you po. Honestly, sabi nyo nga po this is not an easy journey pero the way you mentor things thru your blog post and YT vids andami kong nalelearn every reads o nood mam. Sobrang salamat po! Godbless.

  • Mako Solano

    Been reading your blogs since this morning. It motivates me to learn more about stock trading. Maraming salamat!

  • Clifford

    Maraming salamat po Ms. Gandakoh. I’ve been reading your blogs these past weeks and I can really feel your compassion towards your fellow traders. More power to you maam and to all tradera out there. 🙂

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