A few trades back I remember something na I think worth e share.

So, I bought a stock. I think I used MAMA or LOLA na Strategy. I’m not sure but either lang sa dalawa na yan. I executed the trade. Later sa gabi I feel so uneasy. I was thinking about that stock and that trade. Natetempt ako magreview ng entry ko at risk sa trade na yun. Ok bago ko e continue ang kwento let me take you back muna nung bago pa lang ako sa trading.

“I used to feel uneasy sa gabi espescially sa friday night. Inaatake ako ng anxiety dahil sa positions ko. I am so unsure sa mangyayare by Monday. I keep reviewing my trade. I keep looking at other people’s post. Panay refresh sa Finance Manila. Panay hanap ng news. It was a nightmare. Then I met someone na taught me everything I know about trading at nafix ko lahat ng probs at trading issues ko. My story is in Trader’s Lounge. Natabunan lang yata kasi matagal ko na yun na kwento kung paano ako ngstart trading. Paano natalo at paano nag break even and then start nag earn.”

Going back sa story, I feel so uneasy. The following day sa opening pa lang I cut my position in half. Di yun dahil I fear na babagsak and as a matter of fact I gained 6% sa trade na yun. I cut my position di rin dahil nahit sell signal ko. I just reduced my position in half para mawala yung feeling ng uneasiness. That’s the solution kasi. I told you sa taas na nafix ko mga issues ko noon and isa yan sa tinuro sakin na solution. If you feel uneasy cut ur position in half the next day. May real psychologcal explaination yun but for now yan lang muna explain ko. So kapag you feel uneasy go and reduce your position and you will be back sa normal. You will feel okay.

Here is a snapshot of my position few trades back. I sold half my shares and do a screenshot pang remembrance.

As of now I am on my fourth trade this year. I sold my two stocks and got out sa market nung friday morning. Sumilip ako by EOD and bought one stock. I now have two stocks sa portfolio. From time to time I’m gonna update you sa trades ko. I will also provide ledgers from time to time. I was thinking every 30 trades or more but we shall see.

If any of you nasa Singapore me and my family will be there end ng January for vacation. My mom don’t really let me out of her sight that much espescially ate ko kapag nasa bakasyon but who knows maybe we could meet and discuss some trading ideas kapag may free time.

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  • Rochelle Marcos

    Another good post, malaking bagay po ang mga posts na ganito maam, kung paano po kami mag respond during actual stock trading. More of these please, psychology behind ……….

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