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Unique Movement of Certain Stocks

February 11, 2019

Minsan yung strategy na gamit mo okay sa ganitong stock at di okay sa ganitong stock. When you encounter such problem may simple solution dyan.

Whatever strategy you use or you plan to use sa isang stock try mo e apply ito sa past nya. Sample: If you use mama sa PHEN(ACEPH now) kunyare. You plan kunyare to buy PHEn using mama so sa break ng alma at cross ng macd yung pasok.

Now try mo tingnan yung history ng Phen. May times na ba na profitable yung MAMA if inapply mo sya sa phen 3 months ago. Six months ago. Etc.

Why do this? Kasi may certain tendencies ang mga stock. May mga unique movement. Real life example is BKR. If lumipad si BKR next day nun usually is pupula no matter how bullish ng mga indicators. Same with IMP. This is not a rule na kapag ganun movement nya dati e ganun at ganun na lang yun.

Keep this lang sa back ng mind mo plus it will help sa conviction mo kasi if applicable yung strategy mo sa kanya few months back. Using it sa kanya improves ur odds of getting a good trade out of that stock.

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