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What do you see?

April 29, 2019

What do you see?

Opportunities for bounce?Chance to gain few bucks tomorrow?

Newbies face this type of challenge more than vets. The temptation to buy this oh so red stocks. What they mostly do is since walang galaw hawak nila na stock they sell it to buy yung mga bumagsak. Look at imi…. down 9 % close…tempting db?The idea is since bagsak sya today 9% bukas khit umangat lg 5% tiba tiba nku… easy money. Well, who knows bka nga umangat bukas mga yan but one thing is for sure … since u ran out of patience sa hawak mo and u jumped out of ur stock and took a chance at another without a plan di lang yan na trade maapektuhan. It could linger on ur psyche and trades for a long time. The sad truth is its not even yung walang galaw ng hawak mo na stock yung ngtulak sayo…. its the need to do something….

Ive seen this happen to traders many many times. Yung iba swerte sa paglipat but most were better off if they did nothing…

Trading with a plan and that plan failed is one thing, trading without a plan ke success mn of failure ang result is another.

Take ur time and read this…



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