what happens when mama strategy fails

What Happens When Mama Strategy Fails?

All is fine when the trading strategy you use gives you profit.

A lot of traders from Traders Lounge earn through MAMA trades and post their earnings sa group.

Even Virtual Trading Port gains using MAMA

Since the start of January I now have received 280 port snaps of traders portfolio gains using strategies taught in Trader’s Lounge. Those are the messages I was able to open pa lang but meeeeh, who’s counting diba?

Masaya, cool, at ease, happy, at nag eenjoy ang lahat kapag ok result ng trades.

What happens naman kapag panget result ng strategy na tinuturo? Usually if the strategy fails ang nabeblame is ang gumagamit ng strategy.

“Di siguro na execute maayos.”

“Baka di marunong gumamit ng strategy”

Madalas pa mga failed na trades using certain strategies are swept under the rug. Traders pretend it never happened.

“That happened only 85 times this year!Lets not talk about it!”

I talk about the success and failures of the strategies I teach. So, what happens when MAMA strategy fail you might ask.

Here is an actual trade of MAMA sa BLOOM.

The trader bought Bloom using MAMA strategy. Switched to 4hr timeframe and waited kung ano mangyayare.Nahit sell signal nya as Alma was broken. She sold bloom. Lost just over 3%.

Look what happened next.

If hindi siya nag exit mas malaki sana loss nya. A whooping 9% loss on a single trade.

That’s the thing about MAMA strategy. Mostly all strategies taught in Trader’s Lounge are like that. If the trade don’t go your way, you will not lose so much.

It protects traders from losing a lot. Walang ipit ky MAMA.

MAMA strategy will always let you exit. Alma will always be broken first bago magkabuhusan.

My 7th Trade

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