why i do not listen to marvin germo

Why I Do Not Listen To Marvin Germo

This is going to be a really funny post. Have an open mind as you read this.

Look at this picture.

According to Marvin Germo this is Miss Catherine. She started with zero money and became a millionaire. You were probably as intrigued as I am and your next question would probably be “HOW?”.

Here’s the Youtube link and dahil sa interest mo you will probably view the video. After watching it you will probably have more questions than answers. You will probably shake your head after. The video did not say anything about how she became a millionaire or how much she started with. Zero to a million is such a rare thing.

I like Marvin. I like his smile. He brightens up the room whenever he is around. I don’t listen to anything he says though. A lot of Gurus laughed at him during his JFC hype. Few minutes after he posted something about it was the best time to buy JFC dahil sa newly acquired company neto ay bumagsak ang JFC. That was funny. I think all is well naman na kasi umaakyat na si JFC but that’s the thing: OPINIONS.

When it comes to trading you should avoid listening to other people’s opinion. It can be a guru, it can be someone you look up to, it can be me and it can be a relative of yours. Don’t listen to anybody’s opinion. Have a strategy. Determine an entry and exit points. Buy when your strategy says buy and sell when your strategy says sell.

Stock market is cold and heartless. It does not care what you think.

I’m still on my third trade this year:

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  • Kitbull

    Pati ako nag pa hype kay Marvin Germo 2 years ago.Now I know better dahil naipit ako kay JFC. Buti nalang meron pang mga sincere na tao na willing talaga tumulong despite all the odds na pinagdaanan ninyo Mam Ganda. Bihira ang katulad mo and yung team po ninyo. Way back 2018 follower na po ninyo ako bago pa kayo umalis ng Investa. Hulog kayo ng langit sa mga Pinoy Traders…God bless…

  • Lagalag Habagat

    Gusto ko maging full-time trader. Kaya strat, entry, exit, risk mgmt, discipline at iba pa cardinal rules ang kakampi ko…
    Thank you Ms. GK…

  • Jose Sevilla

    Marvin Germo is irresponsible and selfish! Enticing OFW’s to invest in the stock market and attend his seminar is predatory. Stock market is not for everybody. Most OFW’s don’t have the intellectual and emotional maturity to understand and endure the volatility of the stock market. However, Marvin Germo makes it seem so easy as long as you attend his seminar.

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