why most traders from traders lounge did not and will not buy mwc

Why Most Traders from Traders Lounge DID Not and WILL Not Buy MWC.

On August 2016, President Duterte made an announcement that he is against oligarchs. Duterte said Ongpin was representative of the “oligarchs”, and as a result Philweb with a stock code WEB went down.

If you trade using MAMA you will never buy WEB at those times and if you had one you probably exited it as soon as it broke ALMA.

Today Manila Water Co Inc with a stock code MWC is experiencing the same thing WEB experienced after President Duterte made some statements against the Ayala’s

I do not have an opinion as to who is right or wrong. In fact, it is one of the cardinal rule when trading using MAMA set up to have no opinion where the stock will go. If member ka ng Trader’s Lounge and you are using MAMA strategy hinding hindi m papasukin ang stock na to.

If nasa loob ka na bago pa mangyare to im very sure naka exit ka na by the break of ALMA.

This is the Protection the MAMA strategy offers. You may not ride all the stocks na umaangat but MAMA will not let you lose a lot. Di ka iipitin ni MAMA.

Conrats sa lahat na nagMAMA trade ky JFC. You can check trade history at port snaps nila sa Trader’s Lounge sa post ko about JFC trade.

same goes sa nag MAMA trade ky DNL

13% gain sa JFC and 8% gain sa DNL is not bad. Congrats sa inyo. May you gain more sa future trades.

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